Patty: Wait, what did you just say?  I missed it.

Lying on the reformer, extending and bending my legs with heels resting on the foot bar I turn towards my exercise bestie, Patty.

Me: I was just thanking MaryAnne.

Patty: I heard that part but what about your rocking?

Me: I said I’m so much stronger after training with MaryAnne.   I could balance on all fours while applying motion on top of my rocking chair.  My endurance is incredible!

With complete seriousness she replied,

Patty: Why I’m impressed…

Patty and I have been breathing, stretching, pulling, and piking, into different Pilates positions for years.  With our instructor MaryAnne’s guidance, we’ve strengthened small muscle groups we didn’t know existed.  Toning and twisting twice a week for over a decade the three of us have grown close enough to talk about anything.

The many hours spent in a woman only hothouse of female style exercise has released endorphinal rushes of intimate stories told in whispers that lead to roars of laughter.  We’ve become experts at distracting each other from the hard work of stabilizing our bodies on a moving platform by talking female.  Sharing tips and advice on everything from parenting to recipes, current best practices of Vitamin D, ashwagandha root, intermittent fasting and foreplay.

Me: Coconut oil as a lubricant?

Patty: Much more organic than K-Y Jelly.  You wouldn’t ingest K-Y, why would you put it in your Va JJ?

Patty, a few years older than me has been an icon of wisdom.  She’s what I get to look forward to in a few more years.  I love her Whole Foods lifestyle flavored with her unique travel destinations, focus on faith, family, sense of humor, exercise, and the importance of sexual gratification.   With MaryAnne’s mastery of Whole Body Wellness they’ve helped keep my libido alive.

Patty: How was your birthday weekend downtown?  Did you buy the wig or just wear the cocktail dress?

Me: No, wigs are expensive, just brought the favorite Go To’s, black cocktail dress, 5 minutes high heel shoes with pearls…did a little dance, gave a little performance and Got Down That Night! We had a whole afternoon, a beautiful view of the lake, and lots of fun.

Mastering an exercise called The Teaser, where you lift legs and chest into a V position at the same time without using resistance has given me the confidence to try things I normally wouldn’t do.  Age has allowed me to let so much go and become more uninhibited than I’ve ever been, leading to relaxing romps of heightened pleasure.

Maybe it’s the close contact, or the sweat, or that we work our pelvic floor just as hard in the studio as we do with our husbands but, whatever the reason, we all feel comfortable in the four walls of MaryAnne’s studio to converse about spousal arousal and other things normally not shared.

One time Patty rushed into class late, and with all seriousness blurted out

I just read a really good article on blow jobs.

I am not kidding.  She said that.  God I love her.  And I miss her.

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