It’s time to start embracing gray hair! Visiting your hair salon regularly to cover up that silver can be tiring and can get pretty expensive. Why fight it? It’s better to embrace your beautifully natural aging than go to great lengths to hide it. Here are ten stunning women who will inspire you to get confident and go gray!


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In need of some fitness motivation? Say no more. Hillary is beautiful and healthy as ever and is not reluctant to share her tips and tricks to a fit lifestyle.


According to Sarah, “Wrinkles are your stripes.” This designer and social media influencer shares her colorful life with gray hair in the most remarkably confident way!


Scrolling through Caroline’s instagram is like flipping through the pages of a magazine as she is poised, elegant and gracefully confident in her aging!

Gillian McLeod

This H&M swimwear model, stylist, and mother is the definition of killing it! Following her instagram is the daily motivation every middle aged woman needs! Not to mention her food blogging is to die for.


A one of a kind social media icon, Melanie celebrates individuality and spunk. Her carefree attitude is refreshing and inspiring. And we just love to see this self proclaimed “style adventurer” bringing new looks to the table.


Claudine is an international gray hair model at work who is always on the go. Her feed is grippingly exciting as she keeps us wondering what her next amazing location might be.


A Cultural influencer, professor, content creator, consultant, speaker and model? There is nothing that Lyn Slater isn’t taking head on with her fashionably cut gray hair.


This Instagram icon leaves all the pictures to do the talking. From beauty blogging to posts of her adorable poodle Winks, we can’t get enough of Linda’s unique and influential persona.


Based in Paris, this social media star is trendy, cool and always on top of the latest fashion. Follow her for insights on style, life, and rocking gray hair like a queen!


There is no more authentic model than Teruko. Her feed is captivating, genuine and a positive influence for all middle aged women. Check it out!

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