Body Therapy: You may have pulled an all-nighter waiting for the polls to close Рso here’s the perfect recovery gift for this exhausting election.

Filled to the brim with 12 aromatic herbs‚ÄĒlike peppermint for pain relief, yarrow to ease headaches, white willow for anti-inflammation, yellow dock for circulatory support, and plenty of flaxseed as a nerve tonic‚ÄĒthis ultra-soft cotton flannel neck and back wrap gives the deepest, warmest, and most relaxing experience.


One of the most effective ways to get a better night‚Äôs sleep. Winding down with meditation or yoga, followed by a glorious aromatherapy session. The healing weapon of choice for a¬†sore back or achy limbs. Heat the wrap up in the microwave (three minutes does the trick), then languish on the sofa to restore and rejuvenate. It’s so dreamy, and has this amazing lavender scent that soothes the senses. I couldn’t recommend anything more to revitalize you after a long day, so hurry‚ÄĒthese are limited-edition designs for this season, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Aroma Therapy Renewal

It’s like a magical talisman, designed and made in limited quantities to protect your spirit and soul, and¬†it goes with¬†everything.


We recently discovered this beautiful jewelry and fragrance brand called FRASSA√Ź (they have bases in New York and Buenos Aires) which crafts gorgeous pieces using sustainable practices and organic materials, and this pendant necklace is my absolute favorite. I wear it all the time! Created by hand in the philosophy that all materials that come from nature are precious, the pendant features a rose gold amulet that conceals a beautiful little glass vial for your favorite perfume.¬† I like to wear mine with a simple black dress, or a crisp white shirt. Divine.

Energy Therapy Renewal:

Balance your sacral chakra¬†(which lies within the mid section of your body, and connects to your ability to accept new experiences‚ÄĒincluding creativity and a thriving sex life) while revitalizing your skin, and contains¬†energy- and plant oil-infused face serum, body oil, and one orange rough calcite crystal¬†to help enhance creativity and assist with emotional issues like stress, heartbreak, or sadness.


As you know, I’m really fascinated by energy and how we can all use it to create a happy and fulfilled life. (I realize I’m sounding like a hippy, but I’ve honestly felt so at peace since I became more mindful.) Understanding where and how energy flows is the first step in making yourself awakened to positivity and goodness, which is why this organic beautifying set is so wonderful. ¬†Use each component after bathing or showering for the full healing effect. It reallyworks, too: I recently gifted it to a girlfriend after she went through a break-up, and she’s slowly built this incredible glow.

Visual LaughingTherapy:


I’m a firm believer that everyone needs art in their life. It inspires you, deepens your creative thinking, and creates a talking point for guests, which is such a lovely and valuable thing. So I LOVE this art collective, which has produced so many bestselling artworks on AHA. When they came out with a brand new piece, I was full of excitement. Crafted with framing-grade materials and natural wood, this tongue-in-cheek print arrives ready to hang‚ÄĒall you need is a hammer. Top tip: Mix it up with other, more traditional pieces to create a cool, juxtaposed gallery wall.

Feel Sexy Therapy:

Just in case you missed out last week, these are my favorite picks:


I recently threw out my Spanx because there’s a new slimming superhero in town. I’m so excited to tell you about it! Award-winning designer Susan Ledyard created this insanely effective collection of body-shaping tops, dresses, and leggings using a revolutionary smart fabric and patented technology (seriously, there‚Äôs so much science involved, it‚Äôs like a NASA operation). And the secret is one magical ingredient: Copper. Copper-infused fabric is clinically proven to improve skin tone and texture, acting as a natural anti-microbial agent to prevent odor, and shape your body like a miracle. I wear this dress under everything‚ÄĒit smoothes immediately, sucking me in and lifting me in all the right places without visible lines. We‚Äôre always selling out (they‚Äôre that amazing), so get in there before these new styles go!

Hair Taming Therapy:


I’ll admit that until recently, I didn’t know what set one hairbrush apart from another. That’s until a hairstylist friend of mine recommended these Italian-made brushes. Not only do they look luxurious (that metallic finish is the result of hand-polishing), but they‚Äôre also really special, with natural boar and heat-resistant carbon bristles that contour to your head for effortless detangling and scalp stimulation. They’re created by top salon favorite, Ibiza Hair, so exceptional quality is absolutely guaranteed (I love that brand‚ÄĒnothing else in the world makes my thick, frizzy hair so glossy). Top tip: Use them for post-blowout smoothing, or keep one in your bag at all times for tamed locks on the go.

Dress Up Protection Therapy:


Aren’t water-logged shoes just the worst? Lucky for us, these¬†foldable, water-resistant booties¬†exist. Available in an¬†array of colors¬†to suit every mood (I’ve built up quite the collection!), they were developed over seven years by a genius designer named Holly-Dale Shapiro, who decided enough was enough after stepping out of a limousine into an ankle-deep puddle, ruining her coveted Louis Vuittons. (Can you¬†imagine?!) Anyway, you simply¬†zip them on over heels up to four inches high,¬†and they protect your precious investments.¬†Rain, snow, hail‚ÄĒweather is no match for these guys. They’re the ultimate fall hack.¬†I keep a pair in my purse at all times,¬†and seriously couldn’t imagine life without them.

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