heading to Ecuador for retirementWhat’s new on my fall agenda?  Ecuador, of course!

Ever since I saw this short piece on the ABC News on May 15th 2013, about the thousands of Americans who have chosen to move to Cuenca Ecuador for retirement, my husband Mike and I have been researching the possibility of moving there ourselves.

Yes, that’s right, Ecuador!  Since mid-May our interest in this small South American country has snowballed.

It started out as another one of my crazy ideas.  I even wondered whether I should bring it up at all, but Mike loved it almost immediately.  Quite unexpectedly, Mike was all in on the idea of selling the house, the cars, and just about everything else, and moving on to a brand new adventure in South America.  What else are you going to do as you approach age 60?

One minute I’m pitching it as our need to be open to new experiences, and the next he’s begun learning Spanish and figuring out how much we can make on our house!

Luckily saner minds have prevailed.  We are taking this one step at a time…

First we put out the word among everyone we knew that we were interested in learning more about living in Ecuador, and within weeks we had met with three Americans who had recently visited there.  They all loved it!  In fact, one woman was already in the final stages of moving down there herself.

Being a former research librarian, I began studying the pros and cons of this latest crazy idea, and found nothing but positive information in some great recent articles, all in top-notch sources.  Here’s the best article I found on the topic of expats in Ecuador  in the Wall Street Journal, and another in the U.S. News and World Report on the southern town of Loja.

In summary, it was beginning to look more and more like a trip down to Ecuador was in order, just to get a general feel for the place, and to choose where we would live IF we should decide to move there.

Then last week that woman I met who plans to move to Cuenca next month asked if I would accompany her down there if she provided me with free transportation there and back.

Say what?  Are the gods speaking to me here?  I have always believed that what you focus on grows, but this is powerful stuff!

I am sitting here in wonder.  How has one thing just led to another and another in such a quick succession?  This seems like too many coincidences in a row.  I mean, what are the chances that all of this would come together in a mere three months?

Something tells me I better find my passport quick…


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