oscarThe past 10 days have been filled with the color red – red valentines, red roses, red carpets and even red gloves!  Amidst the sea of red I am reminded that outside my window there is nothing but a sea of white. As I approach my closet, I am reminded that there is nothing but a sea of black. I am so ready to be wearing color, any color, right now! We could use a ray of sunshine and a pop of color throughout the country. But alas, no Mediterranean vacation on my personal schedule so donning some bright red capri’s accessorized with my snow shovel just isn’t an option.

What’s a winter woman to do? Here are a few winning ways to ward off the white of winter and get you red carpet ready.

Shopping from the sale rack…

  • redglovesHappy fingers – Now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of gloves in hot pink or lime green so while you have your hands on the wheel at 10 and 2, you can be dreaming of poppies. You might want to pass on the rubber reds though!
  • Sassy scarves – Pick up a wild and crazy scarf to make that dreary dark puffer coat come alive. This isn’t a big investment here, so tweak your funny bone and buy something you ordinarily wouldn’t think of. Mix it up a little, take a walk on the wild side.

Shopping from the accessory rack…

  • earring2It’s in the bag – This is the perfect time for a new handbag. Don’t think neutral zone! Think statement bag, bright red, cobalt blue or color blocking. Let the color be the statement though, not the designer name, your biggest ‘bling’ item shouldn’t be someone else’s name in gold!
  • It’s in the reflection – Catching a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror? Let’s get some ear shimmer going. We’re all a little bit guilty of swapping necklaces but never swapping earrings. A new set of ear bling adds a goodly amount of shimmer to your face and even makes a bad haircut look better!

Shopping from the cosmetic counter… 

  • smileIt’s in the smile – Pop some red lips – there’s no shortage of lipsmack in the media, there were more red lips on the red carpet this year than any year in memory.
  • It’s in the pearly whites – Grab some white strips – they have come a long way baby. Yellow teeth are so 70’s – just no darn reason for it nowadays.

Shopping from the candy aisle…

Arm candy or eye candy, just sayin! Be sure your partner keeps up. Sometimes they need a helping hand keeping up with you. Don’t just assume. Keep your eyes peeled for your special peeps while scouring the sale racks. You’ll look better for it!



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