If you are dealing with the issue of a dry vagina, you are going to want to hear what  Dr. Claudia Levine. has to say on this topic. Frankly, her information is something we should all learn and all hopefully our medical practitioners who work with women our age are up to date on this.

Dr. Claudia Levine is the founder of  jewelboxmenopause.com. Claudia makes sense for us about products we can use for our comfort which are readily accessible. In this take Claudia will take us from :

  1. What the issue is and why we have it;
  2. Over the counter moisturizers we can buy;
  3. Estrogen prescription suggestions 
  4.  When to go for an exam and information about more Estrogen options.
  5.  And when Estrogen therapy is not recommended.

Please follow Claudia’s links for further information and to join her newsletter.

Video series survey link https://forms.gle/SLvMQrMnTZ6fruUj7

Testosterone therapy newsletter link https://mailchi.mp/b67738dd5bdf/jewelboxs-first-monthly-newsletter-4149798


Claudia’s Product recommendations and links:

AhYes Lubricant Site

Kindra Lubricant 



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