As my mom likes to say, she lives with the “fashion police.” Between my two sisters and me, I happen to be the most interested in fashion, and therefore both the most critical, and the most helpful when it comes to my mom’s fashion choices. The most important thing to a woman’s wardrobe is having the staples. Once you have the essentials you can mix, match, accessorize, and plot out the perfect outfits around your staple piece. This summer’s staple has definitely been the jean jacket. Jean jackets are the perfect compliment to my two favorite summer outfits: dresses and white jeans. And even better, they are the perfect transition coat for late summer into early fall.

Here are a few of my favorite jean jackets in stores now:

denim jacket 1


This Paige Denim jacket is the perfect color for the every day jean jacket. It is classic and slim fitting, but also has 70% rayon in the fabric, which gives the arms nice breathing room. It is definitely a bit pricier, but if you’re wearing it every night, the extra money is worth it! Paige Denim Jacket, $209


white denim jacket

Here is a similar, white option. The important thing about a white denim jacket, similar to white jeans, is it cannot be too tight. If it is too tight in the arms, size up. Paige White Jean Jacket, $114



An alternative, less expensive option, is this fantastic jacket from JCrew. The great thing about JCrew is that they are basically always having a sale. If they aren’t, WAIT, because the item you want will be on sale the next week. JCrew, $128

gap jean jacket

There is something so classic about a Gap jean jacket. One of my best friends recently started wearing her jean jacket that she bought there over 10 years ago. The price point is right, and the jacket brings an effortless chic look to any outfit. Extra 25% off your purchase with code BEST through 7/25. GAP, $42

loft jacket

This may be one of my favorites. I love the look, love the price, and think it could work for just about anyone. Better yet, LOFT is having 30% off with the code LOVELOFT. Another spot to NEVER shop unless there is a sale. LOFT, $79.50

cropped jean jacket

If you are looking for a cropped jacket, this one is perfect. It is a great light wash, hits the body just above the hips, and let’s talk about this price point, does it get any better? H&M, $17 (sale price!)  Note: It is important to wear the right article of clothing under a cropped jacket (you may not want to attempt the look on the young model.) An awesome summer dress, or a longer blouse is great for perfecting the cropped jacket outfit. Leave those crop tops to the models and the teenagers 😉


eileen fisher jean jacket

For those of you into the style, but not into the fabric, this linen alternative gives your outfit the exact same look. Not to mention, the lighter material is great for the summer weather and those hot flashes too! Eileen Fisher, $168

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