Let’s be honest, for some of us, an hour away could be a destination wedding. But let’s think outside of a bigger box, perhaps even global! Even though we are not millennials, stating the obvious here, you might fall victim to the wishes of your millennial offspring.

Long gone are the days of tying the knot in your local little white chapel. And since you were probably just the best mom in the neighborhood, you may find yourself as a guest at several wedding events! It pays to be nice, depending on how you are looking at this!

You may even be more excited about the location than the event itself (and it’s okay to share that with – well – only you). And granted you may be envisioning tourist time, sightseeing time and adventure time, but lest you forget, you need to plan ‘ceremony’ time and the bride may not embrace you showing up in your bungee jumping garb.

You may also find that as creative as the destination is, so might be the invitation – filled with clues and little facts about what the hell the dress code is for a beach wedding in Belize. Are we really on the beach or just looking at the beach? Losing sleep thinking about how to keep your heels from creating divots in the sand? You need to do your homework as you may not even need shoes or you might be miles from the sand!

Here are a few dress code clues, Columbo. If it is black tie, it will say so, if it is a beach wedding, it will say so. However, it will be up to you to ‘find out more’ and a bit of sleuthing may be in order.

Prepare yourself, according to site The Knot, here are a few favorite destinations by month.

Jan/Feb – Argentina, Costa Rica, New Zealand
March – Australia, Belize, The Florida Keys
April – Bahamas, Ecuador, French Polynesia
May – Czech Republic, Fiji, Hawaii
June – Greece, Ireland, Maldives

Sound daunting? It could be, so let’s head to Pinterest and the practice of ‘tagging’. Pretty sure you have heard the term tagging, as in someone tagging you in a photo on Facebook. That is what Pinterest is all about. The search field is all about tags. Try to follow along here. Take the first example of fab places you might be invited to.

Head over to www.pinterest.com.

Use these keys words in the search field. wedding.dress.guest.what to wear.Argentina   What will come up are photos of others who have worn a dress at a wedding in Argentina (or loosely defined as that). Now this isn’t where you are going to find the dress, it is where you are going to find the FLAVOR. Meaning you will at least have a clue as to the fact that your boring beige uniform will not fly in the spicy colorful world of Argentina. You are going to have to ‘spice’ it up a bit all the while considering your age, your body type, your budget and your level of comfort with ‘theme’ dressing,

That last one is a biggy.  For example – you are invited to India – you are going to have to dress within the culture – your little solid red lace Talbots dress is going to stand out like a sore thumb amongst all beautiful silk flowing dresses.

Destination hot and humid? Pay attention to the fabrics – linen, chiffon, organza or linen are good bets for warding off dark sweat stains as they look luxurious, but are light and breathable.

Off to a festive spicy spot like Fiji? Incorporate the colors of the land so you coordinate, not clash with the surroundings.

Check out the photos from the destinations themselves on Pinterest or directly on the venue website.

If you remain completely clueless, ask the maid of honor as she is riding shotgun and has been entrusted to make sure everything about making the dream wedding for her bestie is spot on, including how the guests look!

Still clueless?

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