Fashion is all about the fit. This is the most important yet often overlooked rule in the guidelines of honing great style. Let’s be honest; we are all victims to falling deeply in love with a certain look whether we see it on the store mannequin or being worn by a top model in the monthly issue of your favorite magazine. But often enough, when the time comes to try it on for ourselves, the once-fabulous look just doesn’t look so fabulous anymore. Don’t be disappointed! For there is a style for every body type and once you find what flatters your figure, you can wear whatever you want and feel 100% confident!


  1. Dressing for a big bust










For women with a fuller bust, finding tops that flatter your upper body while providing full coverage can sometimes be difficult. To create the perfect silhouette, the wrap top flatters and shapes your chest while adding a unique and trendy touch. This style elongates your neckline and defines your waist in proportion to your bust, and lets not forget, keeps you fully secured at the same time!


2. Dressing for wider hips














Wide hips are not to be hidden under big t shirts! Accentuate your curves with an elongating top with an A-line cut. A lengthy and flowy tunic or a chiffon tank with draping overlays will add a flirtatious and flattering silhouette to your figure!


3. Dressing for larger thighs/calves















Why force yourself into wearing those uncomfortable pairs of skinny jeans that you know just don’t fit you perfectly. Finding the best looking pant for your legs can be so difficult when the majority of them aren’t accommodating your unique figure. Wide leg pants instantly lengthen your legs for days and slim your thighs and calves for a chic, trendy look.


4. Dressing for broad shoulders












Broader shoulders can be dressed for the best with a fit & flare style top to slim down your upper body and highlight your slim waist. Try to stay away from those thin spaghetti strap tops and opt for a broader strap top, especially one with a flare to add a more delicate look to your shoulders.


5.  Dressing for a bigger booty














If you got it, you should flaunt it! The best way to dress for a bigger booty is by wearing a longer fitted pencil skirt that hugs your bottom half. Try to stick with darker shades in order to keep it subtle and chic.



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