So it’s the end of January, the cold has gotten you down, and you are feeling a little blue.  If you can relate, then I prescribe 10 minutes of light – outside, by a sunny window or a light box, a day.  Other remedies I use–moving my body, reading a fantastic novel, poring over my current In Style magazine, putting on a good old, classic movie. (I just watched The Bells of St. Mary’s for the umpteenth time and I’ve got National Velvet teed up for when my husband is out of town.) I go through this every year and I am always looking for something to lift my spirits.  The Super Bowl definitely doesn’t do it.

However, I have been taking notice of the colors showing up in the stores and online, and I am proud to say the Radiant Orchid isn’t very prominent yet.  Did I mention I wasn’t crazy about that color?  Anyway, it occurred to me that both of the Super Bowl teams have navy blue as one of their colors (Seahawks – navy, green, grey, Broncos – orange, white, navy) and navy has been showing up all over the place.  Great news!! Practically anyone can wear navy blue and I’ve seen it in dresses, tops, stripes, prints and shoes.  Here are some examples:

Ann Taylor navy sweater $89

Ann Taylor navy blouse & navy checked pants  $89/$98

Ann Taylor navy blouse & navy checked pants $89/$98


Since I know many of you may be going to Super Bowl parties, I thought I would throw together some outfits to wear to the game or to a Super Bowl party.  It goes without saying that you should dress warmly for this event if you are going to the game!  Here goes:

For the Broncos gal, here is your look:

broncos gal fashion

For you Seahawks fans, here is your look:

seahawks gal fashion

The key is to dress in the colors of your team and have some fun with it! Play with the colors.  You don’t have to wear a baggy team jersey or sweatshirt to the party.  I’ve included some heavy coats for those of you who are going outside.  Personally, I will be checking out the TV ads, watching the half-time show, eating delicious food, flipping through my magazines and playing with my grandchildren, with an occasional cruise-through to see what’s happening in the game. That’s my idea of a Super Sunday!





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