loving summerSomeone once said that summer should get a speeding ticket, and ain’t it the truth. While summer does not officially end until September 22- the Fall Equinox- the signs of summer’s demise are popping up everywhere, and it isn’t just the back to school commercials.

There’s the occasional nip in the air, the almost daily emails reminding me to mark my calendar for an event or meeting that I can’t generate even an iota of excitement about, the abundance of tomatoes from every garden everywhere (except mine) and of course there are the mannequins- now sporting outfits of navy and black.

And the boots are everywhere, and aren’t they handsome!  But it is August, and how dare they tempt us into thinking that we are happy that summer is finally over because we can wear those fabulous new Fryes.  Who doesn’t love a good boot?  It’s hardly fair.

When they put the Christmas decorations out the day after Thanksgiving—a little light in an otherwise dark season- I’m okay with that.  The holiday lights mean that winter is unquestionably here, and then maybe it will soon be over. But shortening summer? Do we really need to push Autumn to August? There is plenty of time for autumn after Columbus Day. We don’t need to castrate summer, we need to extend it!

Are you ready for the merry-go-round of the fall?  For evening meetings, increased traffic, school buses and jackets. Have you noticed how annoying people become after Labor Day?

I fully intend to continue my summer through Columbus Day. I intend to suck up every last ray of sunshine and warmth, even if I have to curl up in that little area in the kitchen where the dog used to sleep.  I am going to keep my face in the sun  (with an SPF of 30, of course—I’m not stupid) so my tan doesn’t fade and I look like a million bucks and I have collected enough Vitamin D to last until May.  I’m going to buy my pumpkins in my shorts and flip flops.

In the month of September, I’m going to put my reading glasses over my sunglasses and take my work outside- even though I can’t see a damn thing on the screen.

I am going to notice— I mean really notice- the stars and beautiful sunsets.

I am going to read at least five more books on my two-page, single-spaced summer reading list, while I lay in a hammock under my favorite blankie.

I am going to eat fried clams, lobster rolls and peppermint ice cream (my bathing suit is stretched out anyway-and summer is almost over).

I am going to have cheese and crackers and pate’ and a Bloody Mary, with celery and horseradish, and I am going to call that a well-rounded dinner.

I am going to go for a hike, kayak on a lake, swim in the ocean, sail to an island.  I am going to go out of my comfort zone one more time.

Henry James has said, “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” You are right, Mr. James, and I intend to have at least another month of them.

And if I by chance I give in and buy a pair of cute little boots in the next couple of weeks, I will wear definitely wear them tucked into my white jeans.  If they still fit after an extra month of eating and drinking, then I will proudly wear white well past Labor Day.

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