This weekend’s most emailed New York Times article was about Jerks And The Start-Ups They Run, and it talks about a topic that sends chills up my spine as a business woman, entrepreneur and a mother. It’s essentially an extension of the old boys network with an accelerated VC modern twist and it’s called bro culture. And it sucks for women.

“What is bro culture? Basically, a world that favors young men at the expense of everyone else…Bro cos. become corporate frat houses, where employees are chosen like pledges on ‘culture-fit.’ Women get hired but rarely get promoted…”

We’re talking Travis Kalanick’s of Uber bad behavior and others.

Women know this culture is not a new phenom, but in 2017, when we push our kids to follow their passions, take risks, and support their start-up ideas, it’s disheartening to know this frat boy culture still dominates.

This is a good article to talk about with your kids.

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