I don’t set an alarm. I jump out of bed, put on my soft sweatpants and my cozy sweatshirt – it actually says cozy on the front. I sleep with my hair in a ponytail and I never touch it in the morning – some of it is still in the pony, other pieces are sticking out every which way. I don’t put my contacts in, just wear my glasses. I brush my teeth and head to the kitchen. The coffee is prepared so I hit brew. I get my laptop and settle into my chaise lounge by the window – the one that everyone said was a silly piece of furniture when I redid the great room. Ha – I spend the first few hours of everyday in that very chaise lounge.

I don’t usually tell people what time I wake up – suffice it to say some still consider it nighttime and it is almost always dark. I settle in on the chaise and open my computer. I am not quite focused yet, but I am ready to roam. I look to see if any texts came in overnight.

“Why is my daughter texting me at midnight? She’s knows I’m not awake.”

I glance at my email, then scroll through Facebook and Instagram.

“WTF, Barbara is at a restaurant again? I guess COVID doesn’t exist for her.”

Back to my email where I always start with my Good Morning From CNN email – the top 5 news stories of the day. Then I skim the Skimm, Katie Couric’s Wake Up Call, The Morning Brew, my New York Times briefing and on Mondays and Fridays, Better After 50

“Ginny’s article got so many views. She really should start her blog.”

I’m usually not all the way through one newsletter when I shift to the New York Times crossword puzzle. And I cheat – the auto-check feature (and sometimes my husband) is the best.

“Honey, who’s the baseball hall of famer whose last name begins with R?”

I then open Word – I always have a blog I am working on. I spend a few minutes on the blog, then need a break from it. I go back to the puzzle, fill in a few answers then back to Facebook.

“Well, isn’t Kelly’s life just perfect?!? Dammit Karen, stop being so judgmental!!” Back to the blog.

If I write an email or a text, I wait to send it. I have received too many “why are you up so early” emails so I wait until a more human hour to hit send.

These morning hours are my time. I don’t talk to anyone, no one needs me, and I am incredibly productive. No one is looking over my shoulder, trying to follow why in the middle of an article about the election, I feel the need to check Facebook.

When we have guests staying with us, I think “Please, oh please, don’t wake up early and start talking to me.”

Occasionally, I don’t get those hours – I’ll have a plan to walk or run with a friend early in the morning, a morning flight or, God forbid, I actually sleep in. My day is never as productive or peaceful if I don’t get those hours. The morning newsletters sit unread in my inbox. The unfinished crossword puzzle taunts me from the screen. I feel like I am playing catch up the rest of the day. That “me” time is – just checked Instagram while trying to come up with the words for how important this morning time is for me.

At a time when most people are waking up, I hit send on my emails and texts, put my computer back on my desk, put in my contacts, get dressed and start the rest of my day. And for anyone who knows me well, you know that the day is bookended by a nice nap in the afternoon.

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