Humans love their pet dogs in the same way they do their children, and the feeling is mutual, scientists have discovered.

Researchers found that the same hormone, oxytocin, spikes in both human and canine brains when a dog is gazing at its owner. We’d love to see our pups gazing back at us in one of these stylish get-ups!

We hope you don’t think us cruel for giving our loves Halloween attire. No one can deny a canine companion a warm outfit in the cold weather. Tell us what outfits you’ll pick up for your pooch on our Facebook page.

Stay Dry on Rainy Walks

Available in a wide array of sizes for any pup in your life. Keep your furry friends dry on wet walks with a classic yellow rain jacket. Reflective details will make sure passers-by won’t miss these sharply dressed pets.










Trick or Treat

With Halloween right around the corner, suit up your best pal to be the best dressed trick or treat-er around! These Ghostbusters-themed outfits and adorable shark costumes are available in a variety of sizes to best flatter your dog’s figure.










Sporty Chic

Give your dogs the casual comfort of activewear! You can even suit up in matching sweatsuits for a run through town. You’ll be able to coordinate any outfit with your pup as these workout friendly looks are available in several colors, as well as in silhouettes to complement both smaller and larger dogs.

Ready for the Holidays

Don’t these furry friends look festive? You can pick up the reindeer and penguin sweaters for your smaller companions, but don’t let your bigger dogs feel left out! There are festive options for them as well.

Classic Cable-knit

Even your pups can’t go wrong with some fall fashion classics in their closet. Pick up a cable-knit sweater for your littlest friends, or your larger pup.

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