DITMA LOGOYes, I’ve been dating for a while now, thank you, and can find my own dates (well, sometimes) but that doesn’t stop my pushy, well meaning, Mom from throwing in a surprise meeting once in a while with someone she thinks I should date.

True, Mom dates more, and is way more proactive at finding dates than me. She’s a hipster (yes, I hate to admit that) and of course she wants me to be happy, so I can’t blame her for wanting to fix me up.  The problem is her choice in who is my potential Mr. Right isn’t always up to my (ahem) standards.

And even though I’ve asked her nicely (and other times not so nicely) to quit trying to procure dates for me she just doesn’t listen.

What’s a gal to do?  Maybe after you watch this episode of “Dating In The Middle Ages,” you’ll offer some suggestions.



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