Did you know that the average adult takes about 8,000 steps every day? Yes, this is a fact at least according to data from IPMA (Illinois Podiatric Medical Association). Although figures from other institutions will vary slightly, the point remains that your legs are one of the body parts that you use most.

Whether you are a regular runner, are on your feet all day, or you just like working out the chances are that you will end up overusing your feet. This overuse leads to foot problems with plantar fasciitis being the most common one. Plantar fasciitis is a painful problem, and it can become chronic if you do not treat it.

Why Is Chiropractic For Plantar Fasciitis An Effective Remedy?

Although there are several remedies and treatments that you can try, chiropractic care is an easy and very efficient method of dealing with this foot problem. Chiropractic for plantar fasciitis will entail spinal alignment and also making some adjustments to the ankles and feet, and it helps to treat the foot problem in different ways.

Promotes Healing‚Äč

Chiropractic For Plantar Fasciitis

Chiropractic adjustments promote healing of the plantar fascia. Although it cannot heal the tears directly, it will speed up the healing process as it reduces the stress and strain on the muscles. Also during the session, most chiropractors will also recommend particular types of exercises to help with healing. Most of these exercises are simple, but you would probably not think about them if you did not go for the chiropractic sessions.

Pain Management‚Äč

‚ÄčChiropractic for plantar fasciitis is a good way of managing the pain that comes with this foot problem. Plantar fasciitis can be a painful condition to live with, and this is more so when it becomes chronic. And so anything that can offer you a way to manage the pain is worth trying.

The spinal adjustment that you get with chiropractic helps to improve the communication between the nerves and brain which in turn ensures that the central nervous functions. Other specific therapies that you get with chiropractic care will offer a longer lasting way of pain management.

Reduces Further Injury Risk‚Äč

Chiropractic For Plantar Fasciitis

When you have plantar fasciitis and most other foot problems the chances are that you will change your gait or walking style in an attempt to avoid the pain. But what you might not understand is that this only causes further strain to the muscles of the foot and hence making the condition worse. The change in gait will put extra stress on other body parts and hence lead to joint and back pains.

Chiropractic is a whole body therapy that helps in the alignment of everything from the spine to the heels and ankles. By aligning your body, you will be able to stand and walk properly and hence helping to reduce further discomfort or worsening of the plantar fasciitis.

Balances Weight‚Äč

Some people will have worse plantar fasciitis in one leg more than the other. If this is the situation for you, the reason is that your weight is not well-balanced across the feet. With the services of a chiropractor, you can balance your body so that one foot will not have to carry more weight than the other. And this will, in turn, allow the problematic foot to heal quickly and also help to prevent the recurrence of the plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Give a Positive Feeling‚Äč

Chiropractic For Plantar Fasciitis

Besides from balancing your weight, improving your posture and helping in pain management, chiropractic can also help you feel well in many other ways. By eliminating the pain in your feet and other body parts like the neck, back, and shoulder, chiropractic will help you get a more positive feeling about your health and also life in general. With this good feeling that you will get from the chiropractic adjustment, you will also get enough encouragement to follow through with stretch exercises that can help heal the plantar fasciitis fast.


Plantar fasciitis might be a common foot problem, but you do not have to live with it. Chiropractic for plantar fasciitis is one of the best ways of dealing with this foot problem, and it also offers a fast and more permanent solution. Whether you suffer from mild or chronic plantar fasciitis, chiropractic will still be very helpful. However, it will even be more effective if you combine it with other remedies like stretch exercise, wearing the¬†best shoes for plantar fasciitis¬†and taking ibuprofen.‚Äč

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