HairIdentityCrisisStruggling with a hair identity crisis?

It is time to recognize your hair personality and embrace it!

Is the grass really greener on the other side? In my years behind the chair I’ve learned that no, it’s not. Stylists have a unique vantage point on the human psyche, and any of us who are paying attention will agree that one of the most trying relationships in a woman’s life is with her hair.

For many reasons we all struggle with this relationship, but it’s life’s longest one. My goal has always been to teach a client how to love herself, and that process does not involve peroxide. A quality that I admire most in my 50+ clients is her sense of self-acceptance. Try using these tips to figure out who your hair is and how to work with it to save yourself time, money, and mental anguish.

CurlyGirlCurly Girls: This is the most difficult hair personality to accept, but once you do, it will become your crowning glory.

  • Curly hair does not make you look fat, messy, or unprofessional so just get over that mentality.
  • Curls need moisture, so quench your thirst by opting for products with a creamier consistency.
  • Always use a leave in conditioner, ALWAYS.
  • Make sure your stylist is familiar with your hair type. If they pull out a razor or thinning shears – RUN. Debulking may sound like a good idea but curls without weight are frizz, not curls!

shutterstock_189333527Thinning Hair: Some things to consider:

  • Talk to your dermatologist if you think your hair is thinning abnormally. Sometimes this can be caused by metabolic imbalances easily treated with a medication or dietary adjustment.
  • Identify your “breaking point”, or the length that your hair just won’t grow past without looking stringy, and keep it at least an inch shorter.
  • Consider a shorter style with the longest points being in the fringe to keep things looking modern.
  • Don’t use a “volumizing” shampoo. All that means is it lacks moisture that your hair needs. Instead use a product with lightweight moisture.
  • Let your styling product do the volumizing. Try using a light gel or thickening spray when wet, and a dry product with a powdery consistency in the roots as a finishing product.

SilverfoxSilver Fox: Consider embracing the grays, you earned them!

  • There are ways to grow out your gray without shaving your head and starting fresh. Add thin highlights where your gray is most prominent, usually around the temples and part, to break up the demarcation.
  • Switch to a semi-permanent color. As your color grows out it will also wash out, so every time you get a touch up, your root will be longer.
  • Use a violet shampoo once a week to keep your silver bright and clear. These products have come a long way since the blue haired grandmas roamed the earth.
  • Try a heavier conditioner to keep that wiry texture at bay.
  • Most importantly, don’t neglect your eyebrows! Use an ash based pencil or powder in a darker color to keep you from looking washed out.

Talk to your stylist, make a plan, and let the real you shine through!

Thompson Easterwood
Hairstylist, Colorist, Hair Extension Specialist
Winchester, MA
Favorite Hairstylist of Doreen Dove Image Consulting

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