What if you could play with the color on your hair?

All of your hair…

Head hair…

Eyebrow hair…

and of course, Armpit  hair.

(That’s as far as I’m going “down there”)

Well, would you dare?

Perhaps you are one of those who wince at the idea of a tattoo but are intrigued by personal beauty experiments? Plenty of 50-somethings have a Tat tucked away somewhere, but many of us are not ready for that kind of procedure or permanent memento.

Women mostly, after 50, tend to fall victim to hyper inspecting their new inevitable facial lines  — c’est normale. But what if we took our eyes off what gravity is doing a number on and focused on how to play more with what we have?

It seems the ladies over 50 are pulling out their paint boxes and creating something new and fresh with hair color. Note to file, hair painting isn’t only reserved for punk rockers – it’s gone – not Rogue!

Kelly Ripa, of “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” went Blue for a week and now it’s Opal — I think this gives a lot of BA50’s permission to go for it.

kelly ripa

Kelly Ripa from Blue Hair to Opal

It’s the trend ladies. Whether you are in your 60’s, 50’s, or 40’s – there’s fun to be had with your hair color.

Even Brigitte Bardot had pink hair back in the day.

Even Brigitte Bardot had pink hair back in the day.

Well – now there’s pit-dyeing (that’s armpits…) and brow dying and better than tats — it’s temporary (just like our hair dye).

My first love affair with alternative hair color was meeting my good friends daughter, Lizzy who is the lead singer of MSMR.

I love her hair color no matter what palette she is playing with. Sometimes she goes blue, sometimes pink but my favorite is her orange color– I think she’s spectacular.


dare to dye your hair after 50

I love Lizzy’s (of MSMR) hair!

Yvonne is a woman I see each summer at a place where I golf and she is spectacularly stylish. She is 63 years old and from Taiwan. Her look is edgy and playful and her hair color fascinates me.

Yvonne’s hairdresser in Taiwan worked with her to eliminate the gray from her base of black and came up with an assortment of streaks that not only mask the gray but add a highly playful look to her chic haircut. Check out this picture of her hues of pinks and blues, greens, reds, violet and gold.

Dare to Dye 5

Yvonne is wearing Zanzibar glasses handcrafted in France.

Dare to Dye 1


Dare to Dye 6

I’ve been tempted to try this with Ronna. We are both going to add a pink streak to our hair in solidarity for her Breast Cancer – (when are we doing that Ronna?)

We could do something as simple as this:

What do you think of this subtle streaking idea?

HAIR dying after 50

My friend Lisa went through a bout of breast cancer this past year and had to deal with losing her hair after her chemo. After a tough year of treatment, Lisa is back on the golf course and hitting the big drives once again. When her hair grew back she decided she needed something fun and playful.

Dare to Dye 3

Doesn’t Lisa look sharp with her stylish short cut and edgy color? At 48, Lisa is not yet a BA50 but we think she’s cool anyway.

Pastel and primary color hair streaking may be as radical as we BA50s can handle but watch out – it looks like there’s some serious challenges to body hair most of us try to eliminate – arm pit hair. Yup, this weeks top New York Times article is showing armpit hair dyeing is a new rage.

If you’ve never been in to armpit hair –this is probably not gonna tempt you. But for those with thinning hair – perhaps this could be a fun party look.

Imagine dyeing your armpit hair to match your dress at your black tie wedding affair. BA50’s are we ready for this new trend?

Snooky Bellomo and her sister Tish launched the Manic Panic brand in their East Village punk 1970s days and it’s now the go-to brand for pit-dyers according to the New York Times.

Miley Cyrus got the craze going back in May with this Instagram:

miley armpit dye

Purple, Blue, Manic Panic After Midnight

After watching this video of DIY rainbow coloring of hair I think I’m going to keep it simple.

For now – I’ll stick with simple streak or two of PINK– but maybe I’ll let my partner Ronna go first.


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