What Is Your Style Communicating About You?

Let’s test the theory before we state the theory…

We’ll call our subject CEO Audrey and we’ll leave the title definition up to you. She could be the CEO of a small company like Apple or the CEO of a large business known as her life.

She walks in the room wearing shiny stilettos…
She walks in the room wearing suede Oxfords…

She walks in the room wearing a mini skirt
She walks in the room wearing a maxi skirt

She walks in the room wearing a tight v-neck sweater
She walks in the room wearing a Mr. Rogers cardigan

She walks in the room wearing black stretch pants
She walks in the room wearing painted-on jeans

She walks in the room wearing head-to-toe yellow
She walks in the room wearing head-to-toe navy

She walks in the room toting a Louis Vuitton handbag
She walks in the room toting a Whole Foods bag

audrey3Tell me you did not get different visuals for all of these ladies walking in the room. Now tell me you didn’t form an opinion about them, also known as that all-important first impression.

Do clothes really make the woman? The theory is yes! Now don’t go getting all huffy on me declaring that this is so ‘surface’ and ‘it’s what is in the clothes that count’. That is stating the obvious Alice. But no matter your age, your career, your talent, your expertise or your dreams and desires, you have to show up dressed! As I always say, “Life is challenging but we have to get dressed.”

There is plenty of data out there that says appearance can be the deciding factor between two job candidates. We can also assume that could be the case between two professionals that you may want to hire such as coaches, attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers or decorators? Did you not tweak your child’s appearance for a college interview? How about a dating service? Read through the list above again and envision yourself dressing a certain way for a blind date and then dressing another way. Might that not change the outcome of what type of person you might attract or not attract?

No matter the look you are going for, let’s make sure it is current, flattering, well tailored and suited not just for your personal taste but also for the occasion that you are wearing it.

Here are a few office (and just around town) faux pas that you might want to avoid. I will leave the definitions to your imagination.

hangerquote2The fashionista look, the all business no play look, the out of date look, the adorable look, the crunchy granola look, the Hell’s Angels look, the messy genius look and the list goes on with the point being, try not to pigeon-hole yourself into any one extreme look.

Then there is the too much of anything look – too much cleavage, too much makeup, too much jewelry, too much hair, too much perfume, too high of a heel, too tight clothing and then of course the too casual clothing (casual Friday does not mean gardening clothing).

Try instead to choose a ‘style’ that suits your personality, your lifestyle, your budget and your career.

How would you like to be perceived? What personality traits would you like others to pick up about you? Circle 5 or 6 words that represent who you are as a person and then make your wardrobe take the personality test one piece at a time!


Contemporary Constructive Modern
Tailored Current Bohemian
Creative Harmonious Composed
Innovative Effortless Comfortable
Elegant Cultured Graceful
Natural Relaxed Understated
Cosmopolitan Feminine Sensual
Organic Sophisticated Classic
Timeless Dramatic Responsible
Professional Successful Intellectual
Thoughtful Approachable Friendly
Fun Eccentric Stylish
Exotic Sexy Respectable
Powerful Understated Pretty
Whimsical Vibrant Unexpected
Edgy Mysterious Enigmatic
Intriguing Polished Warm

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