handbagsizesOkay gals, we already know bigger isn’t necessarily better! Now get your mind out of the gutter and wrap it around your handbag. If your handbag would look better on The Statue Of Liberty, then Houston we have a problem!

If you are toting and guarding that bag because you spent an arm and a leg on it and you want to carry it everyday for the next decade to get your cost per wear down, release yourself from bag bondage and move on. No doubt the bag depreciated faster that your automobile so the value isn’t really all that you have made it out to be.

MichaelKorrsLordTaylor1Plus with all the shit you carry around in it, it is costing you more in maintenance at the chiropractors’ office. Also known as the-bag-that-keeps-on-charging!

The bigger the bag, the bigger the chance you won’t find anything in that black hole, even when it is vibrating!

Newsflash – pretty much half the crap in that 25-pound bag – you don’t need. The other half – you don’t even know what it is! Let’s do a bag check – are any of you tennis players out there? If so, then bag check is a familiar term because the players are always dumping their bags and explaining why they have what they have. Trust me, despite playing for millions, they have left the wads of repetitive credit cards, coupon tag swipers, keys to the summer house, safe deposit box key (only need that in case of divorce), 12 lipsticks, 3 chap sticks, hand lotion, sunglasses, eyeglasses, hand sanitizer, receipts dating back to 2005, Gameboy (no words), Tampax, notepads, pens, crossword puzzles, random jewelry, gum, mints, granola bars, loose change, coupons, hair notions, hairbrushes, hair spray, makeup, the other purse and of course, true trash at home!

RebeccaMinkoffNordstromLess is more ladies!

Granted you might need all that crap if you are a contestant on Let’s Make A Deal, but if you are just running to the bank, the grocery store, the school pickup line, lunch with girlfriends or date night with hubby, what do we really need other than our lipstick, our American Distress card and our phone?

Spring is right around the corner – it’s time to ditch the over-sized tote and downsize your ‘stuff’.

I know that shopping for the right bag can be painful. Totes, hobos, clutches, satchels, cross-bodies, messengers, duffels’ and more, where’s a girl to start?

Marc Jacobs NordstromLets just start with one pocket size purse or a small cross-body to polish your outfit, update your style and finish your look. Your bag is a great place to make a fashion statement. Just add one smaller option, in preferably a pop of color, to your bag inventory and watch how often you start to grab for it.

Here are some options to peruse! Remember to breath – you only need your essentials in there – that would be why they are called essentials.

Overwhelmed by the thought of bag shopping?

RebeccaMinkoff2NordstromCall me – I am a great bag lady!

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