Sometimes you hear about a new idea and think – how come no one thought of that before? Well that’s what I want to tell you about.

BA50s — you are going to love this new business because it meets a real need which is, where can we go to repair our shoes and bags?

Do you have a pair or many pairs of gorgeous expensive designer shoes that you wish were not so beat up or maybe so tight? What about that handbag investment piece that is now worn, torn, or in need of restoration?

Wait... tell me MORE about Coblrshop!

Do you ever find a gorgeous pair of shoes online from The RealReal or another favorite site that are just perfect except in poor condition?

Do you have a pile of items for repair, but finding or getting to a Cobbler is too much of a hassle? 

Well — great news, you can get them fixed with Coblrshop — check out the site and you will see how easy it is!

I met with Leslie Bateman, founder of, and she shares the process of how it works below.  I know you will agree, it couldn’t be easier to use!

Bigger picture, Coblrshop is hoping to make access to repair easier by bringing it online. Everything is online these days, shouldn’t shoe or bag repair have the same convenience? Yes!

Good shoes take you to good places

So make those Louboutin heels, Gucci Slides and classic Chanel Flap Bag last forever (seriously, they can last forever!)

We can wear our favorite shoes and keep our bags looking like new because all we have to do is 

  1. Click on the website to order a repair
  2. Mail them in with the provided prepaid label, and voila! They’ll arrive back at our doorstep, fully restored, within 2 weeks

As part of this community and knowing you understand gorgeous shoes and bags, you will get 10 percent off when you use code… BA50. Which shoes or handbag will you send in first?

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