I was lucky to travel to Europe this past week and I saw amazing bags everywhere. There is no question, handbags and Italy go together. Every retail shop was touting gorgeous bags in bright colors, cross body, petite for evening, grande for every day, phone cases and more.

Our last day in Milan, we had bought gifts for all, and frankly I hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary. It’s not that Prada and Gucci aren’t spectacular but I’ve seen lots of those and even more knock-offs.

It was getting late and we headed home from a great walking day and as Bill and I wandered off Milan’s main drag we ended up on a quiet charming cobblestone street. We peered into the most clever window filled with  fresh designs and Bingo…we entered .

BOYY is the brand name, from Milan but I wasn’t familiar with it.  BOYY. You know them? They’ve put a Buckle on everything but not just any buckle – one that hit me in my historical roots being from Boston. Think Pilgrim! But here was this swashbuckling look that caught my attention both whimsical and classy.

Marco, our sales person had an effervescent personality and he  literally showed us the entire Fashion Week and Summer collection or what was left of it. We learned this is their only store in  Milan and there’s one in Bangkok and in a very limited section at Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC.

It didn’t take long for me to decide what I loved. I couldn’t believe I bought the straw bag, the cross body phone bag and tried on the swashbuckling sandals that felt like my favorite Birkenstocks in what Marco described as the color of “Corn Chowder” (Too Funny). 

So no, I didn’t get a discount but as I head home I am bringing a piece(s) of Milan with me and would happily go back again — just to have another experience like that.


What’s your favorite shopping story?

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