I never wanted to be on Starship Enterprise when Captain Kirk looked over to Spock and said, “We are going into lockdown.” The magical sliding doors would seal and the captain’s deck would be contained. And we would spend the next 30 minutes watching anxiously what was going to happen during this containment.

I’m not sure who is playing Captain Kirk, I think we tend to switch off, on our Starship America 2020, my husband may not agree with that assessment. He and I are refining our skills in the cockpit of our lives. And we are creating daily routines on our Starship America 2020 during our containment.

Our Starship Enterprise 2020  has its own activity and rule manual and is a dynamic work in progress. Hubs and I are the authors of this manual, but we have stipulations that we adopt which we weave into our containment strategy.

So this is a small glimpse of what our manual looks like as we enter the 9th month of our dynamic lockdown playbook. 

Dress Code:

The Dress Code suggests a  unisex wardrobe with an emphasis on comfort. Colors are optional.

Men’s dress code: Not much to look at. “Are you wearing that same t–shirt? Didn’t you sleep in that?” Need I say more.

Women’s dress code: He doesn’t notice either so it’s fine so pressures off.   

The universal uniform adopted on Starship America 2020 is yoga pants.  Expandable waist bands. Shoes are out slippers are in and for over 50 falling arches and bunions, there’s nothing better than the hipster throw back  Birkenstocks (both summer and winter versions). Layering in sweatshirts and vests is all the rage when the chill sets in. And a comfy pair of walking shoes is a must. We have worn through 3 pairs of our favorite On Cloud sneakers.  

Daytona Genuine Shearling Lined Platform Sandal



Step checkers are essential on Starship America 2020.

10,000 steps is so last year. My husband religiously checks his numbers at the end of the day gloating that he has walked 22k.

“Wait, we walked together, and I have 16k. You have shorter legs so you take more steps to go the same distance I jab at him.” He chuckles. “I did the grocery shopping too, remember, and carried all the porch furniture inside.”

He was right. But I did 90 minutes of intense yoga and breathes  can’t be translated into steps. (I win!)


Starship America 2020 requires a good couch. Our manual comes with assigned couch positions where we begin our evening viewings and launch into other worlds.

“We just watched that episode. Don’t you remember?” he said

“No, I think I fell asleep last night, do you mind if we watch it again, I don’t remember seeing that one?”

My husband pulls out his “Fun Bridge” App which is my signal that I may indeed watch it while he waits patiently for me to catch up to the current episode.”

This is part of our couchtainment ritual and I am grateful for it;


Couple and Friend Social Interaction:

Just like on the real Starship Enterprise, we too have super fast bandwidth high intensity communication through zoom and we love it. However, due to the risk of Zoom fatigue, our manual suggests moderation and limits our zoom interactions. (Clearly, my husband wrote that part of the manual and it is currently under negotiation.)

“Do you want to Zoom tonight?” Who said that last year? But now it’s all about Zoom visits. Fridays are for Shabbat Zooming, Grand baby Zooms as much as possible and never enough. Friend zoom cocktails and dining periodically.

“Honey, don’t forget we are zooming this afternoon at 3 pm with Sally and Pete.” I said.

“Seriously, the Masters is on. You need to reschedule that.”

“It took 2 weeks to get this date, can’t you do both? You can have the TV on while we Zoom.”

“Whaaaaat, do I need to say it again, I’m not a multi-tasker.”

“Ok…I will reschedule but we need to put our calendars on Google Cloud.”

“Really, we live in the same house, why do we need the Cloud?”

This part of the manual is now being reworked.

Game Playing:

“Why can’t I ever win?” as my husband sets the doubling cube, I realize I’m doomed yet again at backgammon. I’m not giving up hope just yet.

“Why don’t you start playing bridge?” my husband says as he looks up from his phone. He has been on his Fun Bridge App for hours. He has become quite the player and is self taught through this App. He now competes with family members, friends and his on-line world. He loves it. I’m considering.

Cannasta Junction junkies know how much fun this game is. I’m addicted.  Remote playing with 3 friends on our Ipads with our cell phones means we can gab while we play. Playing with unknown cyber bots ain’t bad either.

And now we have chess. After binging the new netflix series The Queens Gambit, a chess set was amazoned in immediately.

This is just a small glimpse into our voluminous Starship playbook, and it looks like stuff we wrote yesterday is already obsolete. But hey, that’s life in 2020. Our mantra continues to be: Ready, Get Set, PIVOT!





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