poster for dating in the middle agesWhen my marriage ended after fifteen (up and down) years, and I had to consider dating again I was petrified.  The thought of having to use to a computer, or sitting in a restaurant at a table for (intervals of) three minutes while different types of the male species sat down and pitched how great they were in front of me, and/or possibly using a matchmaker (horror of all horrors) – to find dates just seemed so trite and impersonal!  And my middle-aged girlfriends didn’t help either with their horrific (albeit very funny) tales of dating Mr. Wrong while looking for Mr. Right.

Well, after an agonizing year of doing all this, instead of giving up and shriveling away, I decided to turn my dating tale woes (and my girlfriends’) into a comedy web series called, “Dating In The Middle Ages,” geared towards the Baby Boomer Woman. The lead character, Samantha Collins, a divorced, middle-aged, blocked historical romance writer (whew that’s a mouthful :)), not only searches for romance in her fantasies which are played out against medieval back drops, but also while navigating the muddy waters of middle age dating hoping to catch her present-day Cary Grant.  John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville) plays my (possible) love interest in season one.

After winning awards we are now launching our second season, July 30th, on the website at 10 a.m. PST.

This season I am proud to announce that Deidre Hall, from Days of our Lives, has been added to the cast as my sexy, senior citizen, mom.

When it comes to “Dating In The Middle Ages” we can all use a little bit of modern humor.

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