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This looks like a fun show we should all see. But if you can’t see it, reading this review will give you a laugh. Bobby Goldman sounds hilarious, a survivor and very much on topic for widows, divorcees and BA68 women!

“At 68, Bobby Goldman has found herself in the unexpected position of recommending adult toys to strangers.

She has written the book for the new musical, “Curvy Widow,” based on her experiences in the post-bereavement dating pool, at the Westside Theater. In it, the character of Bobby grapples with being single in her 60s (incognito trips to buy condoms) in today’s landscape (casually-sent graphic photos).

The play’s frank talk about sex during one’s later years invites audience members to share their own laughs and frustrations, as Ms. Goldman explained during a trip to Babeland, a sex-toy shop in Manhattan, last month.

“I thought I was writing a funny little sex show. I had no idea people were going to come to me with tears in their eyes,” she said. To one woman who confessed her fear of sex, Ms. Goldman recounted telling her, “You need a good gynecologist, and you need a vibrator.”

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