I am trying my hardest this month to stay up-beat, feel productive and stay positive but is this STILL January?   “Now is the winter of our discontent…”  feels like an apt chapter title at the moment.  (The Winter of Our Discontent is John Steinbeck’s last novel, published in 1961. The title comes from the first two lines of William Shakespeare‘s Richard III)

Someone turn the page please. Next chapter! Because of isolating during this OMNI CRAP, there’s just too much Covid everywhere everyday..  I try to avoid it so, when I hop on a call with a friend, someone usually says, “Can we not talk about Covid?”.

And there’s a few other things that have become tiring as well. For starters… my cooking. Even Whatsgabycookin isn’t motivating me to cook and she was my go to chef. I am sick of my on-line exercise classes, not of my beloved teacher and not of the class, it’s the friggin screen….I’m sick of that screen. I want to feel someone else’s energy next to me on the mat…REAL TIME AND REAL SWEAT. (Sorry I’m screaming).

And then there’s the pent up desires. We all have a long list of stuff we are ready to do when we get our release from this Omni world.  But as of right now, whining doesn’t help.

But don’t you think, there is something truly scientific going on here as we move into our 3rd winter of discontent? There’s something that the historians and scientists will have a go at in a few years, but as of now, we have to muck through the reality of this winter. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful. My gratitude list is huge. But, we humans are not meant to live like this. What is the Darwinian side of isolation? Who wins? Has the survival of the fittest scenario been reframed?  What does it mean to be a survivor? Fit means adept at being alone. Adept an isolation. Adept at cancelling. Adept at ordering on-line. Adept at casting to the big screen off our phones.

Survival is being a techno geek with joy. Adept at spitting into test tubes. Adept at denying that scary stuff is happening everywhere.

I mean even Tony Robbins, the master of motivation,  knows this winter is a bitch. On January 25th he’s offering a free workshop to help us get through this tough time.  Techno geeks and  Nana’s can all join. (Click here to join).

Quick pick me ups are survival tools.  I get a quick fix of energy from a tube of red lipstick just like my Nana did.  I need it! When I look at myself on Zoom  before inviting my team into our weekly writing group I know I need something.  

“Felice, smear it on baby…you look downright BLAH!”

On goes the Bobbi Brown red lipstick and up comes the lights, the camera and the action  It works. I feel a lift.  But  this January I need to ratchet it up. I need a jolt…a shift in perspective, something to get the adrenaline pumping to ensure survival of the fittest..

So Tony Robbins here we come with a  few BA50s  to join your Breakthough2022 class.  Show us what you got.  I will be there on zoom,. I’ll be the one wearing the super red lipstick. 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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