In all of my frequent closet visits (not mine of course) there is always a trend in what is unearthed.

Most commonly spotted is a keepsake of Mom’s, a ghost-like empty plastic dry cleaner bag and something velvet –most certainly black velvet!

Well it’s time for all those things to come out of the shadows.

  • Do something with Mom’s keepsake item like actually wearing it, storing it properly or maybe even shadow-boxing it if it is display worthy.
  • Ditch the empty plastic bags and crappy hangers – breathing room is always welcome.
  • Update the black velvet Stevie Nicks palazzo pants and elevate your velvet collection with something rich, luxe and statement making in a bold color!

Sound Halloween scary and want to start small?

Think velvet shoes, boots and booties. The colors? The sky is the limit!

Thinking smaller? Start with accessories – gloves, scarves, hats or handbags that are jazzed up with embellishments.

Getting braver? Let’s go full-on pants! Yes, you can do the skinny, but also note that the luxury of velvet looks even more luxurious when it flows, moves, shimmers and shines so think wide leg!

Not a pant girl? Love your gams – then show them off with a stunning velvet dress. This could be a slip dress, a wrap dress, a long dress, a short dress, a cocktail dress or a work dress. The store options are endless these days and what better way to make an entrance at one of those upcoming office parties than in something velvet and stunning!

More of a corporate gal looking for a fashionable power piece? Shop statement jackets – always a winner.

Not a jacket gal? Then just shop velvet tops in the search bar! You’ll find sleeveless, long sleeve, flutter sleeve and dolman sleeves. You’ll find turtlenecks, V-necks and off the shoulder. If you can imagine it, you can find it this season.

Lastly there is the coat option – yes ladies – coat season is upon us. What’s more boring than wearing the same coat every day? Think about it, you change your outfit every day and then pop on the same old, same old, coat to get anywhere and everywhere. Think new, stylish, fun velvet bomber jacket, you so deserve it! Did I say bomber jacket? Well you certainly don’t want a full length velvet coat now do you? You might get accused of wearing your bathrobe to work!

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