Buy them a useful gift. They will love you for it.

It may not seem like it, but gift giving season is HERE. Though it’s only October, you’re not going to want to miss out on all of the items that are on your loved one’s lists before they get snapped up on Black Friday.

The humble throw blanket is something to consider when shopping for friends, teachers, co workers, and favorite relatives. Just think of all the cozy winter nights your loved ones will spend curled up with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate? Take a look at the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Who knows? You may just end up gifting one to yourself!

Set of 6: Everyone loves these soft cozy soft faux mink blankets. The Vellum Faux Sheared Mink Blankets look and feel luxurious. And since they come in a set, you can gift one to a handful of friends, and still have one left over for yourself. 

Vellum Faux Sheared Mink Blankets $150.00

Breathable blankets made of jersey like fabric are fresh looking and keep you warm. The Matouk Chatham Blanket comes beautiful warm tones that blend with everything. 

Matouk Chatham Blanket $198.00

Weighted blankets are the definition of the gift that keeps on giving. The Beautyrest Deluxe Quilted Cotton Weighted Blanket will be no different. It is scientifically proven that weighted blankets help you sleep better. So not only will you be gifting a gorgeous, cozy blanket, you’ll be gifting a better nights sleep!

Beautyrest Deluxe Quilted Cotton Weighted Blanket $260.00

For this little kids. Don’t forget about your little ones! The Ed Ellen Degeneres Angie Friends Ultrasoft Plush Blankets, complete with a dog pattern will be the perfect gift for your younger relatives. Their parents will be grateful for not having to keep track of yet another toy, and it’ll bring you joy to imagine them curled up with it at night. 

Ed Ellen Degeneres Angie Friends Ultrasoft Plush Blankets $67.00

Everyone loves plaid this season. This one is a classic! For your girlfriends that are in love with the fall plaid patterning, gift them the Pendleton Stillwater Blankets.The lightweight blanket with checked patterning will fit right in with the season.

Pendleton Stillwater Blankets $136.00

How about a hostess gift or if you are invited for an overnight? Check out the Bourina Blanket Textured Decorative Knitted  from Amazon. The textured blanket, complete with zigzagging designs and tassels will be the perfect blanket to gift the friend who loves to entertain. 

Bourina Blanket Textured Decorative Knitted $19.99

We LOVE this blanket. Isn’t this color awesome? For function and fashion, gift the LOMAO Flannel Blanket. The blanket comes in an array of colors and has a shearling texture. It will also keep each bedroom and lounge area fun and fashion forward with the Pom Pom fringe that decorates each edge. 

LOMAO Flannel Blanket $23.99

No one will be chilled! Give the gift of elegance and warmth all in one blanket with the Connecticut Home Company Reversible Blanket. The faux fur side is elegant. The Sherpa side will keep them the warmest they’ve ever been. Not to mention it’s like giving two gifts for the price of one!

Connecticut Home Company Reversible Blanket $22.99

Heated blankets are an investment but are fantastic. If you thought a shearling blanket was warm, wait till you get your hands on Beautyrest Plush Heated Blankets. it has a heated remote! It’s a great gift.t. 

Beautyrest Plush Heated Blankets $300.00

Want to gift a better nights sleep and a cozy blanket all in one. The Gravity Weighted Gravity Blankets have about 10 extra pounds sewn into the blanket. This allows the weight and gravity to act on your body so that you can get a great night’s sleep. If you ask me, this will be the perfect gift for yourself after a busy holiday season. 

Gravity Weighted Gravity Blankets $279.00

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