Maybe because it’s getting darker early, maybe because it’s gotten a little quieter without my weekly tennis or pickle ball games, maybe because I’m feeling lazy, maybe….maybe…or maybe I just don’t need any excuses to get back on the couch.

Well, whatever the reason, I thought last year’s binging behavior was over — so over. My couch slouch posture had righted itself and I walked defiantly away from the screen and clicker last May but alas, I’m back with no regrets.

I have even upped my binging game this time as the ridiculously short days of daylight and the crazy rains crept in and kept us inside these past 2 weeks. Armed with the new Disney Plus App and Apple TV access, an ability to caste effortlessly without dialing up the kids on the west coast,  wrapped in my new faux fur blankie from Pottery Barn, I am ever ready for my great escapes. 

Ready, Aim, Click…..I dim the lights, aim the  TV clicker and let the stories roll.

So here’s what I’m loving lately and what my friends are recommending: 

My Favorite TV Shows:

Click Bait on Netflix is a rollercoaster ride of who -done-it. One season!

Sex Education on Netflix. Too many seasons but unstoppable and funny. 

Rake on Netflix. Australian TV. Funny, sexy, bad boy joy. Pure fun.

The Morning Show Season 2 on Apple TV: Guilty media hounds and more of their bad behavior. Great!

(Not Squid Games) on Netflix


On My List To see Recommended by My Friends and Sisters:

Tonight for Halloween Night:  NYT Reviews Cruella On Disney Plus.  Watch Trailer here:

Squid Games: If I want to follow the convo at the Thanksgiving table with my kids and cousins, I’m going to have to watch this but I’m afraid. It’s looks creepy and violent.

Scenes From a Marriage on Apple TV:  A bad marriage is examined in excruciating detail. Bergman is heavy and even though this is updated  — it’s Bergman who is inescapably, brilliantly and exhaustingly “Intense.”

DopeSick: The opioid drug epidemic.  Guaranteed to make us all outraged and feel manipulated.

Maid on Netflix: A woman’s journey through poverty and abuse.

By the way….just so you don’t judge me as a deadbeat illiterate, I am reading as well:

Favorite Book this Month: The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict. Either audible or kindle or hardcover. Historical Fiction about the Personal Librarian at the Morgan Library in NYC for JP Morgan. She was a black woman but lived as a white woman excelling in her career during a time she would have never been able to do so were she to have reveal the color of her skin. It’s so timely and my book club had an incredible discussion about it. Field trip to the Morgan Library awaits.

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