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Trending for Spring – Color, Color, Color!

Let’s celebrate that the need to layer in shades of black and grey is no longer weather mandated. We have officially arrived at the most creative and colorful season of the year, as evidenced by the recent sightings at the Met Gala in NYC. Let’s embrace it and bring it into your everyday life. And there is no better friend to share the color news with, than your closet!

Before we dive into the deep end let’s chat about color when it comes to patterns, which is usually how most women introduce the zing. The first styling questions that usually come up are, “If I am stepping out of my neutral comfort zone should I introduce color as solids or patterns and should my patterns be floral or geometric?”

Let’s look around your home for immediate inspiration. Is your upholstery, curtains or artwork floral or geometric? That just might give you a bit of insight as to what you really are attracted to because you are living with it day in and day out. Then as you peruse the racks, you at least have the pattern-game-plan in mind.

Now mind you, just because you have patterns in your kitchen may not mean they look good on your butt! So, consider all the variables and perhaps your personal expressions would be better worn as a shoe, a scarf or a handbag! All fair game for a pop of color and zing!

But if you are introducing patterns into the basics be sure to pick a pattern where the main color story is actually a color that you are attracted to and would blend with other solid pieces in your wardrobe to be able to make what is commonly referred to as an ‘outfit’! Don’t pick a pattern that is fluorescent shades of lime and fuchsia when the rest of your pre-existing wardrobe pieces are all navy and charcoal. It will remain a one shot wonder in your closet that never comes out to play because it doesn’t match anything.

The other element you have the choice of, is where you incorporate the patterns when it comes to the categories in your wardrobe.

If you are perhaps a fuller-on-the-top gal, then you might opt to keep your solids on your top-half and add some texture and pattern to your bottom-half on either your pants or your skirts.

And vice versa, if you are a fuller-on-the-bottom gal, you are going to want to keep your solids on the bottom, thereby diminishing the liability, and adding color and patterns above the waist with blouses, sweaters, jackets or scarves.

Let’s begin to peruse the racks in both solids and patterns for that missing spark! The following are not specific links ladies, they are idea sparkers for you to keep top of mind as you move about the stores. Let your eyes  guide you to color, no matter the category and shop with abandon!
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