The college care package – more like a never ending shopping list of items that your daughter just can’t move out of the house without. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you! Let’s continue the college care package with all of the unforgettable items, gadgets and supplies that every mom should be purchasing for her daughter’s home away from home. Keep reading for all the essential yet affordable products your daughter will need to be college ready this year!

Dorm rooms are all about saving space. A compact printer like this one is an essential yet easily store-able item for even the smallest of rooms and will allow your daughter to effortlessly print whatever she needs in the convenience of her own dorm!

In college, your daughter’s desk is sacred for studying only. Nothing will frustrate her more than having her countless beauty products strewn all over her work space. Luckily, makeup organizers exist to perfectly store her cosmetics away for easy access. This 360-degree rotating makeup organizer will be her lifeline for her semesters away.

Bring your daughter’s dreary white-walled dorm to life with LED Photo Clip String Lights. Forget buying countless picture frames that take up precious surface space. Your daughter will have the most fabulous dorm decor with these illuminating decorations.

Every mom looks forward to the day they no longer have to do their daughter’s laundry. But please, don’t send your daughter off to college without at least a little bit of help. This collapsible laundry basket will have her toting her loads of laundry in style and dreading this foreign chore a little less.

Alexa has quickly become the hottest technology in our homes, so why not bring her to your daughter’s dorm? Sending her off with the Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa will transcend her college lifestyle. Play music, set alarms, and make calls by simply commanding Alexa, hands free! Alexa might just be her new college BFF. 

Waking up for a 7 am class is rough. But waking up to a cup of warm coffee makes leaving her cozy bed a little more bearable. A compact Keurig Coffee Maker will be the fuel to get your daughter through those early mornings, and lets not forget those long nights cramming for an exam!

In the modern age of technology, your iPhone holds your entire life within itself. Contacts, emails, text messages, and social media need to be accessible to your daughter 24/7. While she’s constantly out and about at school, don’t let her get stuck with a dying phone and no charger to revive it. This iPhone battery case contains a portable charger that will keep her phone alive and handy at all times of the day.

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