School is back in session and packing your daughter up for college is all fun and games until you’re forgetting her favorite clothing item! Lets avoid the back to school drama and make sure you know what she needs to have in her suitcase before she’s off. From comfort clothes to formal wear, here is a quick school survival guide to ensure your girl has every article of clothing she needs to start the year off right.

A go-to hoodie is a must have item for any college girl. Make sure your daughter has one she can throw on quick before running to class and still feel confidently cute at the same time. She’ll be thanking you for that soft sweater when shes up studying all night!

You can’t send your daughter off to college without a shoe that she can trek through any type of bad weather. College campuses are not always open green areas with clean sidewalks. Through the rain and mud, your daughter can rock a pair of fabulous tall rain boots. 

Every girl needs a little black dress! Formal events are never few and far between in a college girl’s life, so make sure you send your daughter with a dress that she can rock for any special occasion.

PJ’s are a girl’s best friend. Especially for college girls in the northeast. She won’t want to be wearing anything but a cute set of pajamas on those weekends spent snowed in in her dorm room.

College girls are the working women of the future! So why not have yours dress like it? Make sure a stylish blazer is on your daughter’s back to school clothing list. A polished look goes a long way for any young lady.


If you forget to pack one thing for your daughter’s school year, don’t let it be her backpack! Make this essential fun and trendy by picking out one she will be excited to go to class wearing.

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