Club BA50 Events

Host a Club BA50 Event and reach thousands of Women by publicizing your event with Better After 50.

Celebrate your business lunch… or go Rock Climbing, try Group Cooking, host an Art Party, invite an Author, connect at a Wine Tasting… the possibilities are endless.

Who Says 50+ Women Don’t Rock?

Join the Party – virtual or “real” — by registering HERE (or email us) for info on upcoming events. You can also get details on hosting your own BA50 party at your home or business. We will share your event on our site with our readers and help spread the word.

Should you want to add more energy to your event, our publisher, Felice, is available to come to talk to your group about BA50’s mission and how life after 50 gets better and better. Let BA50 inspire you. Being around women who are open to exploring new paths in their lives can be very infectious — who knows you may leave the party with a new idea?

Please continue to check back to see other inspiring, uplifting, out of the box events hosted by BA50’s. (Rock-climbing anyone?)



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