With the changing of the seasons comes a change in wardrobe. New “must haves” for your closet are popping up everywhere you turn, and with New York Fashion Week coming to a close, its making navigating this shift into sweater weather a little bit easier. Hollywood stars everywhere have been stepping out of summer and into the new fashion season ready to rock the newest trends. And who’s to say we can’t do the same? Though some of the looks we see that dazzle and adorn the wardrobes of many fashion forward celebrities may be a little pricier than we would like, I am here to show you how to find those same looks for less so you can can take fall fashion by storm.

Cate Blanchet was seen in recent photos rocking a new trend that’s been picking up some steam. Whether it’s a bold fashion statement, a feminist movement, or a simple preference, people like Cate have been taking back this once male look. Whether it’s more relaxed with jeans, or more up scale with a skirt or dress pants, this is a power house look that you’ll want in your closet this fall. Try the Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Salma Hayek is all about the cheetah print revolution that is making a comeback this fall. Though Salma looked stunning in her flowing, one shouldered, YSL dress, this trend can come in all shapes, sizes, and looks. Go big with the Sgt. Pepper Leopard Print Silk Dress or dress it down with a Fuzzi Leopard Print Tulle Midi Skirt

At the helm of all that is fashion is Sarah Jessica Parker, and who would expect anything less from the woman behind Carrie Bradshaw? She was seen strutting in a striking, floral midi dress, with a plunging neck-line and cinched waist to give that loose, yet form fitting feel we all crave. However, it’s the bright, bold colors that really make this look a “must have.” Want to give it a try? Not to worry. A similar look can be found in the TopShop Cowl Back Midi Dress

Spearheading one of our favorite trends was Robin Wright with her loose fitting, linen button down. In her own line of clothing called “Pour Les Femmes,” She looked relaxed, chic, and ready to take on whatever the world had to throw at her. Though it might not seem like much, don’t sleep on this look ladies. Robin knew that sometimes the most beautiful things can be simple. In this ensemble, Robin is ready to drop her kids off at school, head to work, and maybe even out for a drink after. It is all about versatility. If you find yourself on the go, yet still wanting to make a bold fashion statement, this is the look for you. You won’t be able to go wrong with the Reformation Naomi Linen Shirt

Cher is never one to shy away from a bold fashion statement. That’s why no one dared keep their eyes off her when she threw on this YSL, patterned, leather jacket with loose buckles for a little more of a grunge look. As the weather turns, a good leather jacket is the perfect piece to complete any ensemble. Though Cher went a little bolder with this look, its very easy to get the same with with a piece that’s a little more simple. A fantastic alternative is Topshop Washed Wolf Zipper Moto Jacket

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