For all you Catherine O’Hara fans, you will love this Vogue look at her fashion over the years from Beetle Juice to Schitt’s Creek. It’s no surprise that Catherine is always a natural and tells it like it is.

“I don’t want to get surgery and I don’t want to get needles, other than acupuncture needles,” the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ star said about whether she’d have any work done.

Catherine O’Hara says she hasn’t had any work on her face and she has no plans for surgery or needles in the future.

The Schitt’s Creek actress and Emmy winner spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada ahead of the 2022 International Women’s Day Women + Wealth Gala, where she’s appearing on May 14, and opened up about why she embraces aging.

“First of all, I’m lucky to be alive, so I don’t mind aging,” she said, before giving a shout out to her Schitt’s Creek co-stars Dan and Eugene Levy for giving her a role as an older actress in Hollywood. “I’m so grateful that, thanks to the Levy gentlemen, I’ve been able to stay in my career.”

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