Reinventing ourselves after 50 – it is exciting, scary, wonderful and anxiety-inducing. At this stage of life, we know it is necessary to always be redefining our roles, re-creating our lives and embracing the future with courage and acceptance. Whether it’s a new career after 50, a new challenge, a new goal, or even just a new role in our personal lives, BA50 is here to help.

Cancer Made Me a Comedian

Cancer Made Me a Commedian

I wanted my life to have meaning. So, I decided to leave Canada and go to Hawaii. Call it a mid-life crisis or call it escape from reality…I was going to spend a few years volunteering for a charitable organization there. Surely that would cure my destiny angst. “I’ll discover my purpose there,” I thought. And if I didn’t, at least I’d get a good tan. Baby steps. I was way overdue for my mammogram, so I figured I’d better get one before I left. Come to think of it, I’d had a painful lump for several weeks, but everyone said that if a lump was painful, it wasn’t cancer, so I wasn’t worried. After all, ‘everyone’ knows best, right? After the mammogram, my doctor ordered an ultrasound, then a biopsy. “There’s something there, but it’s probably nothing,” he reassured me....
Joan Foley

How a Pandemic Gave me Mid-life Purpose

In late March, I opened an email from BA50 with an invitation to sign up for a blog writing class. Curiosity and mid-life direction led me to the checkout cart before self-doubt or fear could find me. A week later, heart pounding, trembling fingers and help from my daughter logging onto my first Zoom meeting I watched the little blue circles spin around, waiting to be welcomed in to one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself....