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  • You have rappelled down a cliff for the first time
  • You are crossing the finish line of a half marathon
  • You just launched your new business
  • You have helped someone move forward in their life and you want to share it
  • Your youngest child gets into college
  • Your have your first grandchild
  • You and your sister just baked the most gorgeous cake ever
  • You have found a new passion
  • You changed your first tire
  • You learned how to do something new
Felice Shapiro

Don’t Waste Your Time Worrying About Your Age Because 60 May Just Be The New Middle Age

Every birthday after 50 most of think we are heading toward that "older" age but it's not true. There are some incredible statistics on our side proving that not only are we going to live longer but every day 10,000 people turn 65 which means there are plenty of "us". And when we hit 65 we are still not the oldest generation as "The fastest growing age group in the U.S. is people over age 85, and the second fastest is people 100 and over (centenarians). Experts predict a twelvefold increase in centenarians by the year 2060, and that a 10-year-old child alive today has a 50% chance of living to be over 100.May 26, 2022." Obviously there's a myriad of topics that an aging population triggers in terms of the economics of supporting this demo and how our kids will bear the brunt of that burden. But, on another note -- back to us -- since longevity is in our favor, it begs the question and demands immediate answers as to what are we doing to day to ensure we are not wasting our time bemoaning how old we are, examining our saggy skin, and delaying getting that hip replaced. I for one am kinda pissed that I spent too much time thinking I was old when I turned 60 because the truth is once I found the right place to live and celebrate each day, age has become less of a topic. This is the 3rd winter my husband and I are living in Park City, Utah it's hard to feel old here since this place is all about being outdoors and being active....

Camp Reinvention For Women Over 50: Sign Up To Make the Change You’ve Been Hoping For

When Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti, co-creators of Camp Reinvention reached out to me to partner and help spread the word about their Camp Reinvention workshop launching this March 24th, I was thrilled. A workshop to help women over 50 move forward and embrace change is right in the mission sweet spot of BA50's wheelhouse. So, I agreed to post an interview to share with you all. I think the program sounds great. Have a listen and see what you think....

On Writing: How We Jump Started Our Creative Juices

Covid fatigue is a bear. Despite the camaraderie of our writing group we were running flat after 2 years of weekly 2 hour sessions. "How do we get re-inspired  and re-motivated," was the burning question.  And, as the group's leader, I was charged with the personal challenge to find a way to wake us all up. So this Tuesday's writing group meeting started with a cry for help.  "Hey guys, is anyone having a hard time focusing lately?"  They all nodded in agreement. "Ok, ok," I was starting to feel my pulse again,  "Me too. So let's try this...( I was grasping at anything at this point).......

What Scares You and Excites You…My 2022 Adrenaline Pumping Goal

I had a John Krakauer "Into Thin Air" moment when I met my friend Ellen at 7 am with headlamp on (Ellen had gifted me the headlamp), ready to skin up Park City for my first sunrise hike. It was all new to me. The equipment, the climb, being on a mountain in the dark, my untested strength to keep up with the skinning group in altitude. Fears of not being strong enough, failing, and the drive to conquer. Fear flooded my brain. I realized I had not tested or pushed myself physically in a very long time. It was both exhilarating and sickening and I was all in....
Cancer Made Me a Comedian

Cancer Made Me a Commedian

I wanted my life to have meaning. So, I decided to leave Canada and go to Hawaii. Call it a mid-life crisis or call it escape from reality…I was going to spend a few years volunteering for a charitable organization there. Surely that would cure my destiny angst. “I’ll discover my purpose there,” I thought. And if I didn’t, at least I’d get a good tan. Baby steps. I was way overdue for my mammogram, so I figured I’d better get one before I left. Come to think of it, I’d had a painful lump for several weeks, but everyone said that if a lump was painful, it wasn’t cancer, so I wasn’t worried. After all, ‘everyone’ knows best, right? After the mammogram, my doctor ordered an ultrasound, then a biopsy. “There’s something there, but it’s probably nothing,” he reassured me....
Line in the Sand

Protect Your Skin in Style: A Convo With Kay Unger and Lynn Obrien Of Line In The Sand: Bundled Gift Discounts

A fashion company founded by Two BA5O's who are both cancer survivors, who manufacture their products in the garment district in New York City, with products made from sustainable materials (like plastics found on the beach), with profits going to the oceans and cancer. I mean every thread of this company has been thought out and has purpose! You will definitely be inspired by this conversation with designer Kay Unger and Lynn Obrien and if you plan on going in the sun in the near future -- you will definitely want to wear these second skin fabrics that protect you from the sun. Every element of these designs are created with the woman over 50 in mind. They are attractive, useful and allow us to be free doing what we love while protecting our skin. Be sure to shop the 20 percent off bundled product offerings and their  post Thanksgiving weekend holiday sale. Let us know what you think on Instagram....

Capture Your Family’s Stories: Tell Me A Story

Today I interviewed Carolyn Snider and Karen Philip founders of Tell Me A Story and learned how they capture a lifetime of stories in one gorgeous hardcover book. Everyone has a story worth telling. Do you think you have a family history you would like told? This is a fantastic gift for the whole family. BA50s get a 10% discount...
Giant blue door in Paris

Turning a Profit on Your Passion: An Interview With Founder of Girls Guide To Paris

Belau joked that her encore career has been an overnight sensation, 50+ years in the making. Doni Belau’s third career is in the Happiness business. The founder of Girls Guide to Paris believes travel leads to a sense of discovery and better understanding. She calls it her ministry. “I wanted to do something I loved and meeting women from all over the world feeds my soul,” she said in a recent interview....
Zoom meeting

Launching a Resort On An Island In A Pandemic: Felice Talks with Co-Founder Gwenn Snider Of Little Gem Resorts

Imagine opening a hotel, on an island with the challenge of mobility and resources in the middle of a Pandemic? Well, that's what Mark and Gwenn Snider did this year and it's quite a story. Lovango is in the US Virgin Islands just a short boat ride from St. John and St. Thomas. Please join me for this interview with my life long friend Gwenn Masterman Snider who inspires us with her energy and vision. She is truly a BA50 (A BadAss50....and a Betterafter50 woman)!...
Joan Foley

How a Pandemic Gave me Mid-life Purpose

In late March, I opened an email from BA50 with an invitation to sign up for a blog writing class. Curiosity and mid-life direction led me to the checkout cart before self-doubt or fear could find me. A week later, heart pounding, trembling fingers and help from my daughter logging onto my first Zoom meeting I watched the little blue circles spin around, waiting to be welcomed in to one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself....
Woman writing story

Dementia: Writing the Story Now You May Never Hear

I’ll never forget the moment I found out my mother’s diagnosis. ‘Your mother has the classic symptoms of Alzheimer’s,’ the geriatric psychiatrist said. I wish I had encouraged Mum to tell me more about her life and recorded her stories. Robin Storey is a ghostwriter specializing in life stories and memoirs....

A BA50 She Did It Story: Deb Rusckowski Talks About How The Covid Testing Site Was Launched on Martha’s Vineyard

This is an amazing "can do" BA50 She Did It story of vision and action and pure grit. Thanks to Deb Rusckowski and an amazing team of launchers, the tension of getting tested for Covid, on island, has been eliminated. By the end of May we had testing on Martha's Vineyard and here's how it happened. ...