Join the Relationship conversation! BA50s are dealing with all kinds of relationships: we are married after 50, divorced after 50, puzzling over sexless marriage or rekindling our love lives at midlife; sandwiched in between our aging parents and our adult kids, becoming grandparents and so much more. Not to mention how we are relating to ourselves in this unique stage of life.

Thanksgiving dinner

This Thanksgiving Is Different!

Thanksgiving will be like no other because of last Thanksgiving. This year many of us dare to gather but we cannot forget what we lived through just one Thanksgiving ago. And that remembrance makes this Thanksgiving all the more special. Most of us are going to gather despite the rising rates of Covid, because it's time for us to be together again. We are ready to celebrate and be hopeful. The simple act of gathering has taken on new meaning. The gathering is the grand prize of this Thanksgiving....
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What’s Really Important is Time After 50!

I went in to buy a vacuum years ago and listened as the salesman tried to close a deal, assuring a woman my age that the appliance had a twenty-year guarantee. “I don’t care about that,” she answered. I felt sad for her. Last weekend the scene repeated itself verbatim when I went to purchase a new mattress. After a split second of recognizing “yep, that’s me now,” I flipped the message and bought the most luxurious mattress I’ve ever owned....
Nightrose PJs

PJ’s, Girlfriends and Sleep Overs

“Deb, You want to do a home to home?”

“Love to."

“Really, seriously?”

My feet start twitching and I am out of my chair -- I’m so excited.

I am suddenly 12 years old again, and a little giddy with the idea. That beastly Covid has ruined our annual sleepovers for too long. 

Like a rebellious pre-teen, we feel courageous and agree to a date.

I had been at her place last time, so we were going to start this round at my place. It was my turn now.

I wanted to get her something special to commemorate the sleepover re-launch.  My British friend had told me about these amazing PJ’s and so I went on-line to check them out. They were fabulous looking and frankly looked a little British. 

Words of wisdom

Not So Wise Words of Wisdom

I’m sending out a blanket apology to anyone who listened to my advice when I was twenty-five. I’m so sorry, I was an idiot. My friend Sonia recently reminded me that she got married because of me. I had no recollection of any profound words. We thought, how many bad marriages could have been avoided if people didn’t listen to our shitty WISDOM? ...
Beautiful woman contemplating a beautiful road surrounded by nature

Can I Have a Do Over?

“Georgia, I swear I’ve never seen such a smile.” I hadn't heard Boz Scaggs in years and suddenly all I could see was my younger self, with a whole future of unlimited possibilities available to her. It was a moment in time when anything and anyone was possible.  However,  I think I chose the wrong guy, settled into a mediocre marriage and was now 60 and alone for the first time since my late twenties. Damn you Boz Scaggs, I want a do over!...

Body Shaming: I’m Not Going to Be That Mom Until I Was

I was shopping with my preteen daughter in LuLuLemon.  I was tired and not in the best mood but she wanted to show me this jacket she liked, a trim fit, hot pink zip up.  The saleslady stood outside the dressing room as she tried it on. She zipped it up and I immediately noticed her slight outward curve in the middle. She doesn’t look perfect. What do I say to her? “I think she needs a bigger size.”  I told the saleslady. “Can I come in?” she responded....
Articles BA50s Loves

Empty Nested & Single: Uplifting Strategies When Life Gets Too Complicated

It’s not a linear process, my new normal. It still makes me cry when I see families picnicking in the nearby park because I am missing all the family time that seemed so idyllic, so long ago. I realize that I still grieve the loss of my marriage, my children and my former life. Then I get a text from the man I’ve been dating, “Just thinking about you and wanted to say hi ;) “ and my heart skips a beat. I smile and feel happy. People see me smiling and smile back....
Follow your heart mug

How to Follow Your Heart After Divorce

When you try to do something bold and fearless and courageous, that annoying voice may say, “You shouldn’t follow your heart. The last time you followed your heart and got married, your marriage failed and you got divorced.” That self-doubt can keep you from following your heart. It can stop you from harnessing your intuition. Until now. That self-doubt has no place in your post-divorce life. The next time your self-doubt creeps in, trying to throw a wrench in your plans to be fearless, I want you to embrace the following....