Political Commentary

Kamala Harris

The 3P’s Of 2020: Patience, Possibilities & Positivity

It's hard not to write about this historic event even though BA50 is not and never has been defined as Political. And as I write this blog, I am really taken aback by something I witnessed on our Instagram that completely threw me for a loop and reinforced how different our reactions and take aways are on the same subject, no matter how universal we may believe them to be....
Felice Shapiro in the mountains

On A “Pure Hell” aka Purell Mission

Flying into Miami International from Colorado, felt like stepping out of the countryside into Calcutta. And with that anxiety about Miami International airport being filled with a random sea of humanity I reached for my Purell bottle for small comfort and discovered it missing. This was so not ok. "No Purell, no re-entry," I thought. So I headed out on a mission to find more....