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Stylish Matching Sweatsuits for Every Body

If you haven't already, it might be time to retire some of your seen-better-days baggy sweatpants and stretched out hoodies to make shelf space for today's stylish matching sweatsuits. Made of innovative fabrics and available in so many color options, this new crop of sweats are lighter, softer, and more breathable than our old standbys. Here are my edited selections of sweatsuits to suit all styles and budgets....

Less Germs, More Style: Crossbody and Fanny Packs for BA50’s

Hands- freed bags are popular now. Many of us do not want to set our purse down in grocery carts, on dining tables or on a friend's patio. The "it bag" is a small but stylish bag we can carry hands-free that will fit our essentials, including our mask, hand sanitizer and maybe a few Chlorox wipes. Check these fanny packs and cross body bags out....