Interviews By Felice


Capture Your Family’s Stories: Tell Me A Story

Today I interviewed Carolyn Snider and Karen Philip founders of Tell Me A Story and learned how they capture a lifetime of stories in one gorgeous hardcover book. Everyone has a story worth telling. Do you think you have a family history you would like told? This is a fantastic gift for the whole family. BA50s get a 10% discount...
Felice and Susan zoom call

Sexually Woke: Join Us This Monday March 22 In A Conversation with Author Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith

Dr. Hardwick-Smith talks about the 3 important elements to becoming sexually woke in midlife and after menopause. She is a true BA50, believing like us that life gets Betterafter50. After listening to this conversation with Susan, you are welcome to join Dr. Hardwick-Smith and myself on Monday March 22nd at 5 pm EST for a 90 minutes for a live interactive zoom where we will welcome questions from our BA50s readers. To register for this event please click the link below:...
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Launching a Resort On An Island In A Pandemic: Felice Talks with Co-Founder Gwenn Snider Of Little Gem Resorts

Imagine opening a hotel, on an island with the challenge of mobility and resources in the middle of a Pandemic? Well, that's what Mark and Gwenn Snider did this year and it's quite a story. Lovango is in the US Virgin Islands just a short boat ride from St. John and St. Thomas. Please join me for this interview with my life long friend Gwenn Masterman Snider who inspires us with her energy and vision. She is truly a BA50 (A BadAss50....and a Betterafter50 woman)!...