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Healthy Monday

Felice meditating in middle of road

Last Days Of 2019: Who’s Tense Now?

But the truth is I DON'T WANT TO numb and escape from some real truths that have exploded in 2019: the planet, the rising tides, the fires in LA and the politics that is tearing apart this country and the homeless crisis. As a jewish woman, I cannot escape the rise in antisemitism. I cannot escape my responsibility of being a 50-something who has contributed to the issues that our children are now facing and the acknowledgment that we are leaving a legacy that is messy. There is no escaping. ...
Lady wearing black eyes mask while sleeping in bed at home

The Best Eye Masks for a Better Night’s Sleep

With the holidays coming, your best offense is a good defense and that means SLEEP! Downtown is essential and sleep is your ticket to mental and physical health. We know that after 50 sleep issues abound and there is no ONE panacea. But, some people swear by sleep masks. Take a look at these options that are recommend by Health.com. We think they are worth considering....