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Healthy Monday

Couple in love drinking tea and enjoying winter holidays

Young Love: My Daughter and Her Boyfriend

I tried to keep my eyes on the puzzle but I couldn’t help observing my daughter—now a young woman—gaze at her lover. People say she looks like me with her turned up nose and heart-shaped face, but her coloring is all her dad’s side of the family: deep, deep auburn hair; creamy porcelain skin with a smattering of peachy freckles; and light colored eyes—one blue, one light brown. The soft light of the fire danced across her face, illuminating her happiness....
Woman exercising

Getting Toned in My 50’s

“You’re thin, but you’re flabby.” So spoke my 16 year-old daughter when we went on a beach vacation this summer. She was referring particularly to my arms. After years of running, my legs are decently toned. But even after I replaced running with swimming several years back, my arms still look like some sort of hastily improvised, white surrender flag: long sticks with loose marshmallow-like blobs of flesh swinging off them....
Ship bell

My Ativan Summer

Have you ever taken Ativan? I’d been given the prescription right after my diagnosis of oral cancer. It takes the edge off of anxiety and calms jangled nerves. “Are you claustrophobic?” was one of the first questions I’d been asked. I am, not to the point where I can’t ride an elevator but I don’t like crowds and hate anything covering my face. That was unfortunate since I had to be fitted......
Jack russel terrier puppy sleeping on white bed

Strategic Napping: A Mom’s Story

I looked up the clinical definition of narcolepsy and I really don’t think I have it. But there are times when I just have to nod off. Call is strategic if you will but the truth is, my family knows that as soon as they start the engines on an airplane, I’m out. Apparently strategic napping is a real "thing".... they are even recommending it in the army. ...
Sitting at the bar in Langham Hotel Chicago

Designing Specialty Cocktails: The Greg Allman Cocktail And Other Creative Drinks

I find the name of cocktails so intriguing.  We created the The Greg Allman. When Greg Allman died, we wanted to create a drink in his honor.  Naturally, we started with peaches and bourbon.  Listening to his bluesy voice sing Melissa in the backyard, we swirled the cocktail stick and nibbled the peaches, time stamping a summer evening with other boomers....
Felice Shapiro

No More Excuses: Writer’s Block and Other Issues

The feelings of loss have been huge this month. The loss of freedom to travel, to breathe, to feel that my vote will be counted, the civil unrest and the death of RBG who represented what I care about most on the Supreme Court suddenly left me paralyzed. But, here's some irony. The doomsday dark cloud lifted from my morning when I least expected it. Last Friday, September 25th, would have been my Mom's 88th birthday and as I sat with her photos, videos and memories all day, something shifted. It was the first time in years I wouldn't be with her on her birthday....