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After 50 Jennifer Aniston-Approved Diet And Fitness Habits You Should Try

Fact: Jennifer Aniston has looked jaw-droppingly fit and healthy for decades. From her early Friends days rocking '90s crop tops to facing off with Reese Witherspoon on Apple TV+'s The Morning Show to donning yet another show-stopping little black dress on a red carpet, the legendary actress is #fitnessgoals. But, tbh, she’s really hit her stride after turning 50. At 52, Jen has ridiculous abs, glowy skin, and legs even Rachel Green would die for. Clearly, her exercise and eatings routine are working for her—and working hard....
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Loving Your Body Well as it Ages

Emerson writes, “There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us.” My friend Patty, who has made it into her sixties with a congenital kidney disease, likes to tell her body every day how proud she is of it. How grateful she is that it has bravely fought to give her a long life on the planet. I am beginning to suspect that for those of us who have been graced with long life, the attainment of self-love could be our last challenge to enlightenment. I am not talking about ego, or pride, but a certain grateful recognition for the bodies that have carried us through our years on the earth...