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UGG Boots

Oh Ugg I Need To Buy These… Uggs Are Still All The Rage

Uggs are all the rage again and BA50s love them....I have my old ones which are great because old style is new style. But now Ugg makes the best rain boots and platforms and then the old tried and true shorty and tall bootsl According to Elle Magazine's recent post... Why Is Everyone Obsessed With UGGs All Over Again? And why is that? "It's definitely not about ‘fashion’ in that sense. This new-found obsession with UGGs is, in fact, all about comfort – and more specifically, sartorial defiance in the face of being told constantly that this is the time that we should be ‘going out-out’ and ‘dressing up-up’. In contrast, we’re still struggling to drag ourselves away from the comfy loungewear and fluffy slippers that have kept us safe and cosy at home for the past two years." Read more... So which Uggs are you going for this Fall.. Here's what we love." ...
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Out Of My Comfort Zone: The Thrill Of Saying Yes

Let's face it, as convenient as Zoom is, it’s not the same as in-person meetings. I have dearly missed “Live” workshops. Real  people, real time equals real energy and that's just what happened this week at a writing workshop I ran where I got a full dose. I'm still buzzing from the excitement and novelty of it all. Here's what happened.... Back in July my friend Jill and I were talking about upcoming stuff for this Fall and that's when she asked me if I would like to run a workshop for her YPO group in Boston. My heart started beating fast right there and then....

Positive Steps: Getting Into the Growth Zone

“The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.” There is a great piece in positive psychology about getting out of the comfort zone and into the growth zone and how to do it. "The core idea is that our nervous systems have a Goldilocks zone of arousal. Too little, and you remain in the comfort zone, where boredom sets in. But too much, and you enter the ‘panic’ zone, which also stalls progress."...

Shit Kickers and Western Hipster Boots For Fall 2022

Shit Kickers and sturdy western style boots are killer. I'm obsessed with this western style sturdy walkable boot and the look sold on the LL Bean and Frye sites.  These boots all look great with jeans, skirts and yoga pants and they go from snow to rain to dinner. Personally, they make me feel forever young, maybe because I wore them in Boulder, Colorado for a few years in my teens. Whenever I need boots I love this look.  The best thing about these boots is they have big toe beds. They are way easier to wear than shoes for our aging feet. Check out these boots from LL Bean and Frye that are my personal favorites....
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Going Gray Affecting Ageism In Workplace? Listen To Lisa LaFlamme’s Farewell To Her Viewers.

During Covid isolation gray hair was trending and rather than the fashion magazines of Madison Avenue setting the hair styling rules of the road, the women have spoken.  The letting go of the coloring and bleaching cycles have given way to a freer and easier look which embraces aging and now the magazines are supporting this shift with women over 50 looking gorgeous with silver hair on their covers.  But what about how gray haired women are viewed in the workplace? When letting the hair go gray affects one's work that is a much much bigger choice. ...
Lulu and Me

LuLu and Us

I've had plenty of time to observe the dog walking parades everywhere throughout Covid and the runway of breeds to choose from is endless. But the dog that gets me crouching and cooing are these little golden doodles.   Shamelessly, I barely look at the human at the end of the leash and talk directly to the puppy and just listen for the answer.  "Oh you are the cutest, you are so cute." And then, in the rudest of unapologetic behaviors I nod to the ancillary human asking -- "Are you empty nested, how did you decide to get a pup?" And so the stories begin.  My interviewing  of humans has been a courage building process. I have unconsciously been looking for the one thing that will push me to over ride my better instincts and my husband which are screaming at me as to why it makes no sense to get a dog now....