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Deepak Chopra Said 70 Is Middle Age : Oprah Turned 69 This Year And He Told Her That Years Ago

Oprah turned 69 in January and once again she takes the lead on embracing age at every step. “For me, it is such a reward to be turning 69 and to be strong and healthy,” she wrote on Oprah Daily. “This time last year, I was getting over a double knee operation, and now I have never felt better. As I turn 69, I choose not to focus on the number. For me, the number has always just been a marker. Instead, I choose to celebrate the time I’ve spent living, taking note of all the shifts, the wins, the accomplishments, how much I’ve grown over the past year and I look forward to all that is to come.” We may not have what Oprah has had in her life - including her birthday party guests, such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, but we can have her frame of mind. I really hope that someone played back this interview that Oprah had with Deepak Chopra at her birthday to remind her why turning 70 is when middle age starts. BA50s you are going to love this interview, it is incredibly empowering. Deepak says, "No one dies of old age - everyone dies of diseases. You can reverse the biological effects of aging -- you can improve hearing and eyesight and blood pressure. Is aging normal? No it's not. People who are 40 act like 70 or and reverse is true. You can do things with your food, stress level and your quality of life that will override your genes. In nature there are mechanisms that can respond so we can change our aging trajectory. Deepak says 70 is the best time of your youth and it begins our middle age -- listen up here. ...
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Celebrating Her Age In Style In a Swimsuit: Alison B Janney Rocks!

We all have role models. And, mine is my Nana Edith who lived In Style and with ageless confidence and a spring in her step into her 90's. When I catch a glimpse of myself eating cleanly, walking the stairs a few extra laps, listening with full intention and using my Ponds Cold Cream at night - I smile and thank my Nana Edith. I know I carry her with me everywhere for inspiration, strength and a sense of humor. So, it's not the celebrities and actresses who are my role models but they add to my arsenal of aging power when they embrace their age publicly, which many more do now. More and more celebs who are over 50 and 60 and beyond are now talking about their age on social media and many marvel that they are in their later decades and feel playful, wiser and sexy. How is that not good for we BA50's? Recently I saw a photo of Alison Janney on her instagram in a red bathing suit and it made me smile. Forgive me that her IG post is a few years old, but I just found it. Janney, in her early 60's by now is as inspiring as ever. So, many women hate the bathing shopping ordeal so I decided to fetch a few more for you all after seeing Allison Janney in her fabulous red one piece. Here's what a little surfing turned up -- pardon the pun!...
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9 Products That Work To Make My Dry Hi-lighted Hair Silky Smooth

If you have fine hair and want it to look silky smooth, full or body and fresh you will want to watch this video and learn from Hairdresser Meika. She has worked on the Celebrities on Yellowstone, Disney Films, Diane Keaton, Sharon Stone and little ole me. She's got pearls for us girls. Here's 9 products I learned about from Meika and how to use them. This interview was so much fun and my friend Carlene filmed it - we both were amazed at how much we learned even at our age of incredible wisdom.... Here you go........