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Sharing Our December Birthdays With The Holiday: What Another Combo Present?

"Here's your Chanukah gift AND your Birthday gift -- a special COMBO -- you know it's the holidays and so with your birthday falling so close to the holidays - well - you know, here you go!" That was the yearly refrain I heard every December 19th on my birthday being one of 4 girls and holidays were overwhelming for my parents what with all the presents to get for the sisters. Frankly, I was too young to be empathetic but I had no choice. You would think I would have gotten used to it.   The other week a few friends who have to share our birthdays with the holidays decided to get together to celebrate each other.  We  hatched a plan to celebrate our December/early January birthdays because we could. But of course like all good plans this month we almost couldn't.  Our get together was almost cancelled 3 times. Colds and Covid testing, coughs and migraines. We agreed to make a game time decision the morning of our dinner to be sure we were all healthy enough. The texting was kind of hilarious and very 60's....

White Lotus BA50 Jennifer Coolidge 61 Yrs Rocks The Kaftan

Jennifer Coolidge's White Lotus super star at 61 is everywhere and BA50s love her. Hilarious and  glamorous, Coolidge's character Tanya has revived Elizabeth Taylor's 1950 signature Kaftan. Who thought the Kaftan could look so incredible?  By the way, Kaftan is spelled with a "C" or a "K" so either works. Jennifer wears dresses, wild empire waists dresses with big cleavage affects, flowy plunging decollete Kaftans, verging on the Moo Moos of yore. Crazy prints and floral colors are her main stay. Hard to say if this fashion trend will catch on but perhaps. I mean the Beverly Hills house wives seem to love them. Here's two great videos with Coolidge that are mesmerizing. Let's look at these and then if your in the mood we have some Coolidge style White Lotus Kaftan fashion finds for you....
Holiday FOMO at 60

Holiday FOMO at 60

f you think about it, the holiday season is 2 weeks more than a long vacation. There is never enough time to see and do everything that this time of the year has to offer. My younger self tried to live up to my own expectations of what Christmas should be, perfect gifts under the tree. I was absorbed in collecting, spending my time in malls rather than planning fun experiences, which led to terrible holiday FOMO. This year I’m trying to be wiser. I told my family, “Give me your Wanderlust List. Things you would never buy yourself but would love to have for travel.” Theming the gift giving helped narrow down the length of my shopping, allowing me more time to check off items on my holiday FOMO priority list....
Santa dance

Holiday Spirit Re-Routed

was thinking this was going to be a stellar day — it started out with a Santa Dance at my local  Expresso Love coffee shop in Edgartown. A little boy watched and clapped as my pup and I danced and then he said, “I have a present for your dog.” He pulled his hat out of his backpack and with the sweetest smile he held the hat up to give to little LULU." "I want to give this to your dog." I wanted to hug that child but have been trained not to these past 2 years - however, he totally melted me. “Your child is the poster child for Christmas Spirit — who gives their hat away -- and it's a really cold day? That is precious and priceless.” Lulu and I gratefully thanked the 4 year old and his Mom and we were all in the best of moods. And then the taxi arrived and we headed to Martha’s Vineyard  Airport. There was no one there but two lovely greeters behind the Cape Air desk.   “Are we the only 2 people going to JFK?” “Wait is your dog going with you, because if it is — you aren’t going...