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Featured articles for women over 50 – these articles are selected specifically for women at midlife who want to read it all, from midlife fashion to divorce after 50, from reinvention to hair care and so much more. BA50 has got it covered.

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Empty Nested & Single: Uplifting Strategies When Life Gets Too Complicated

It’s not a linear process, my new normal. It still makes me cry when I see families picnicking in the nearby park because I am missing all the family time that seemed so idyllic, so long ago. I realize that I still grieve the loss of my marriage, my children and my former life. Then I get a text from the man I’ve been dating, “Just thinking about you and wanted to say hi ;) “ and my heart skips a beat. I smile and feel happy. People see me smiling and smile back....

When I Can’t Sleep: Hurricane Henri & Late Night Thrillers

"Hurricane Henri is predicted to arrive early Sunday," I said to my kids. Be careful Mom they chimed in from the other coast. I'm so excited. I don't care if Henri isn't well behaved. He's invited, and we will be ready. "I can't wait, I wish you were here. ("OMG, I'm so annoying, I have to stop saying I wish you were here -- but I laugh to myself, since they can't come at least Henri is coming") Guest Henri requires some prep. We prefer a short stay but hope he's not too irritable. I fill the car with groceries, batteries, grab the last flash light from the drugstore and wonder about that bad decision to NOT spring for the generator....
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Boost Your Style With Bold Prints

Bold prints are a hot trend for Fall 2021, not only in shirts but also in dresses and skirts. Large florals, mixed patterns and colorful geometrics were all over the Fall runways and all of us BA50's who enjoy dressing in prints will find lots of fun options to choose from. Read on for my top 10 bold prints almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step....