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Bowls of change

The Zen of Sorting: Beyond Marie Condo and Into Chi

The Zen of Decluttering and Sorting.  This is a real thing.  I love Marie Condo and I always give her a nod of gratitude when I start to clear my clutter.   But, this time it goes deeper than asking myself "does this give me joy"  before I toss it or keep it. This time, unintentionally I entered a new realm of happiness and apparently moved my Chi around when I tackled my left over coin collection that had accumulated over the past 20 years in random corners of my house. The Chinese mastered an understanding of energy flow centuries ago with the practice of Feng Shui which now has become synonymous with creating balance in your home. But another layer, deeper than Feng Shui is the study of energy patterns known as “Chi”....

10 Denim Jackets to Add Style and Edge to Your Outfits

A denim jacket is often the only outerwear piece I travel with during the warmer months. I love pairing one with a dress to add some friction to my outfit. While I will often wear a blue denim jacket when wearing white jeans and vice versa, it is especially on-trend right now to go head-to-toe in a similar shade. If, like me, you can never have enough denim jackets in your closet, or maybe you need a new style to update your wardrobe, below are my top 10 for you to consider. ...