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My Michael Phelps Moment: Why I’m a Yoga Convert

Let’s start with the fact that I have a crush on my yoga instructor. (Because, really, what’s the point of taking an exercise class if you don’t develop a crush on your instructor?) She’s warm and encouraging and has this lovely, mellifluous English accent. It’s like taking a class from a giant bottle of jojoba bath oil. She’s also great at giving you step by step instructions. She’s positively obsessed with making sure that your three middle toes are lifted during all postures, something which turns out to be surprisingly difficult. I was a reluctant convert to yoga, even though my husband and several close friends had been doing it for years. Part of it was that the whole yoga gestalt seemed too groovy for the likes of me...
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Plantar Fasciitis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

When I got Plantar Fasciitis a few years back my.  heel was killing me, my foot hurt alot and I could barely walk.  I wrote about the remedies that were circulating among the medical professionals and I do believe a combination of several of them worked and I swore to never buy that brand of golf shoe that I believe caused it ever again! The pain in our feet can really put a hault to our mobility and it doesn't usually just go away. We need to address it! If you have Plantar F. you know how painful this can be and how hard it is to just walk. We love what Dr. Jo has to say about this painful foot issue. Dr. Jo shows us how to stretch out our Fascia. Listen and watch Dr Jo and we hope you get some relief from your Plantar Fasciitis....