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What Scares You and Excites You…My 2022 Adrenaline Pumping Goal

I had a John Krakauer "Into Thin Air" moment when I met my friend Ellen at 7 am with headlamp on (Ellen had gifted me the headlamp), ready to skin up Park City for my first sunrise hike. It was all new to me. The equipment, the climb, being on a mountain in the dark, my untested strength to keep up with the skinning group in altitude. Fears of not being strong enough, failing, and the drive to conquer. Fear flooded my brain. I realized I had not tested or pushed myself physically in a very long time. It was both exhilarating and sickening and I was all in....
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BA50 Blogging Workshop: The Surprising Silver Lining of Quarantine

The ultimate irony of this quarantine is that I reached beyond the boundaries of my house and made new friends and in doing so begun exercising a muscle I forgot I had. At the beginning of this pandemic, I joined a group of smart, like-minded women from around the country and despite Zoom being our means of introduction, their emails are the first I read and these meetings are the highlight of my week....