Fashion Over 50

Fashion for women over 50! The best and worst of fashion, what to wear after 50, what not to wear after 50. We’ve got the scoop on fashion over 50, some tongue in cheek humor, and more for fashion conscious women at midlife.

Sabrina Button-Up $240

Easy Breezy Floral Tops For Effortless Style

Florals remind us of nice weather in spring and summer, when the colors of nature are mimicked in feminine shirts and blouses. Simply pair a floral top with any bottom, and you can skip jewelry and other accessories and still look effortlessly put together. I found so many great floral tops when researching for this article that I had trouble containing myself.... so check out my top 17 (yes, 17) below!!! ...
Slub Cotton-Modal Tank $24.50

Tees and Tanks for Spring and Summer

Each spring, I go through my tee and tank collection and part with the ones that have lost their shape, become stained or discolored, or no longer look polished. Tees and tanks are one of the foundations of my spring and summer wardrobe, and their importance can't be overstated. They go with everything and when I find a style that flatters me, I buy it in multiples....
Floral Tie Dress $448

There’s a New Dress in Town and it’s Called “The Nap Dress”

New this season is an updated style of a house dress called "The Nap Dress." Trademarked by lifestyle brand Hill House, the Nap Dress is feminine and flowy and can be worn almost anywhere. As we come out of our Covid bubbles and shed our loungewear, these comfy-yet-stylish dresses might be the perfect dressing solution this spring and summer! ...
Golf clothes

5 Golf Outfits to Up Your Game this Spring

For us BA50's who love to golf but live in colder climates, we are so excited to get back out on the course with our golf buddies. Now is the time to look at our existing golf wardrobes and identify items that might need to be replaced, and also determine what no longer fits and flatters us. Check out my 5 stylish golf outfits below, including shoes and accessories, to help you look fashionable on and off the course this spring....