It’s Healthy Monday on Betterafter50 and a reminder to stay healthy in mind body and spirit, keep a sense of humor and an open mind because you never know when an abominable snowman may be in your midst….. the real world tends to enter from all angles.

This week I seem to have made some poor choices that have upped my anxiety about the world. But let me reiterate, these were my choices. All involve current events and each required either turning on the TV, streaming a movie and the last a downloaded book.

And, I have to ask myself, why didn’t I just watch Woody Allen reruns? Oh, of course I didn’t, because his back story is embedded in the book I just read Catch and Kill. A book written by Woody’s son, Ronan Farrow was beyond upsetting. It was all about the Harvey Weinstein cover up that NBC was involved in because they had their own Matt Lauer issue which was mishandled. The details of this book and the stories of women who were raped and destroyed because of these creeps put me in a rage all week.

And if that wasn’t enough, I turned on the Democratic Debates, devoured the news and liked none of what I saw and less of what I read. Everyone, yelling at each other from all sides and our incumbent piping in with horrendous behavior…and frankly, the world felt pretty bleak.

And if that wasn’t enough I watched the movie Contagion with my kids during our coveted ski weekend when I should have just gone to bed. Made in 2011, it was the story of a quick spreading contagious unknown virus that was a dramatization of any number of pandemics including our current Corona Virus. There was zero escapism in this movie. I watched it with the kids and we all discussed how getting on planes was now feeling like a health hurdle.

So my friends, since our world events seem to be plastered with misery, some beyond our control, make good choices in your free time.

And that’s where the healthy choices became the best medicine for lifting the spirit. During that same coveted ski weekend the kids introduced my husband and I to the best party game which we played on our phones apres dinner while watching the TV screen as the MC launched hilarious Trivia questions at us. I highly recommend you download this game called games. Jackboxgames/trivia party….

And well, if you’re really feeling a little down in the dumps, there’s always bowling for a fun time and a great escape. Perhaps it was all the built up frustration from world events but for the first time in my life I broke a 100.

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